Country Specific TLD

The use of the country specific domains in the business world is immense. There are a good number of service providers who sell these domains. In fact, the market crammed with the service providers who sell these domains.


Especially the big business uses the ccTLDs (the country code top level domains) for their best services. There are some facilities that one gets out of these domains. However, there are some steps in choosing the domains as well as understanding the restrictions that are attached to it.

The country specific domains are the most useful for the vast country based business. The primary focus of these businessmen stays in that case, to increase the growth of their business within the boundary of the country at first. As these domains exactly serve that purpose, they use them very often in this way. These domains have gained immense popularity. Also, the non-governmental organizations use the country specific domains to reach the residents of a country more and more.

The country code top-level domains are those which are reserved exclusively for one country. As seen, many sovereign states as well use these domains. The most interesting part of the ccTLD is that the domains contain the foreign languages as well as the regional languages. So, while operating in the domain, the user can use both the languages for his promotional matters. At the same time, the all the applications of the domain also have the local languages.

It is not a massive problem to use the country specific domains. However, the company or the businessman, in that case, has to produce sufficient documents to purchase these domains. As these domains are reserved for the use of the country residents as well as the state-based organizations, the government makes a proper check before allowing the usage.

However, recently, there is very few dependent of sovereign parties who are making the country specific domains open for the international usage. By using those domains, one can have a far more reach to the customers. The usage of these domains being on the optimal level in the individual countries, the internet users view them more than the international domains.

These domains are controlled by an entire administrative body that filters as well as checks the elements used in the domains. Whether it is in the case of the website content or the purpose of the sites, the administrative body makes a proper observation about all of these parts. This filtering helps in using the sites in two ways.

Firstly there stays a little chance of the domains getting infected by the malware’s as well as the spam. Secondly, the maintenance of the domains is done on a very regular basis making the users at ease in using it. However, there are some restrictions attached to its usages, like the domains cannot be utilized for the international business. Also, the country specific domains restricted for internal usage.

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Domain reselling Business

There are a lot of rising companies who have taken domain reselling a business for the long run. It is thought to be a very profitable online business venture. However, it is also suggested by the domain specialists that one should think and make wise choices to make the business profitable. Choosing the parent provider is the first important thing to be considered first.


It is important to make a very proficient parent provider as the established registrar before. There are a lot of skilled ones in the market. As the domain reseller, choosing the right registrar is the first step to attaining the business success. The accredited registrars generally can offer the lowest price for their services. They also provide the expert professional business suggestions that are very much necessary for carrying the business to success.

The best thing in making domain reselling a business is that the firm makes maximum profit with minimum expenditure. It’s possible as the registrars make a marginal profit out of the whole process. The more the business promoted, the more the register offers the business owner discounts. Besides the company can provide the customers with decent packages.

For doing domain reselling business, it’s done in two ways. 

  1. Firstly, the company will have a large chunk of the market for domain reselling. The outcome of the promotions and advertisements.
  2. The second thing is to retain that chunk of customers. It is not an easy task. For that client’s trust is to be earned. The company, for making it possible, has to depend on the three factors, the parent provider, the web hosting provider as well as the registrar.

Broadening the business area is another important matter. The packages offered to the customers have to be very attractive from their point of view. The company should also make sure that the packages offered help in every way the client’s purpose of the renewal of the domain name and hosting services.

The customers look for domains that are generic, category defining, and short. They select those area categories that they are aware of and would like to process the search options through that domain. Other than that there is the issue of the price range. Making domain reselling a business means to deliver the cheapest, yet the most attractive packages to the customers.

With the best packages as well as best pricing, there are a lot of companies in the world market presently. The competitions are also high. But the key to success in this realm of business is managing to provide the discounts. The more the discounts given, the more the clients will be attracted. It should be kept in mind also that to do this business, in the long run, and one needs to adapt the selling skills as well as market analysis. Only then one can earn enough revenues by making domain reselling business.

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Top Level Domains using WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress” is a good option if we are looking for a free website provider for our new website. It is a system which is basically designed to manage the content and used all over the world. In fact, it is very popular on the web. If you’re hosting plan which offers the required disk space and bandwidth capacity then it can host a network of blogs and with one admin account all the blogs can be administrated. Thus, we can say it is the best option to run number of web sites on the same hosting account.

There are so many web users who are stay connected with their friends or family members by regularly updating their status through Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut. However, there are some limitations in using these social media channels. In order to use them properly, way of blogging is still the best choice. There are so many blogging platforms, and among them WordPress is definitely one of the most popular. There are two types of WordPress platforms: WordPress[dot]com and WordPress[dot]org.

What are the top level domains which are using WordPress?

Now as we here talking about the top level domains which are using WordPress, thus few domain names are as, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .asia, .tel, .in,,,,,,, .co,,

Other than above, there are some domains also available which are using WordPress but mostly the above domains are used.

The bloggers now having a choice to use .co domain when they are planning to obtain a custom made or modified name for their website, but this facility is available with only those bloggers who are using the hosted WordPress[dot]com service. Thus far, we have seen that the users who are planning to obtain WordPress[dot]com-branded domain then they are obtaining it by using their personalized URL i.e. (Uniform resource locator ) in which they have several options like COM, .ME, .NET or a .ORG. and they can choose from among these.

To give the popularity to the domain names all over the world, Internet SAS, a venture formed in which Twitter is their default Uniform resource locator and it contain so many likes also and thus domain names become famous all over the world. Thus this venture formation introduces the first and top domain for WordPress. This represents the first new top-level domain for WordPress users. With this beginning, from 2010 to till date well over around millions of .CO domain names have been registered at the international level i.e. globally, a figure that could be set to leap considerably given WordPress is now on the scene.

How WordPress users can register for a .CO domain name?

The users which are using WordPress can register for a .CO domain name by following the following steps: First go to your dashboard then move to Store option and then move to Domains (Store >Domains in their dashboard).In the next step under the tab ‘Add a Domain’, enter the desired domain. After this the setting-up process is given which you have to follow for proper setup.

But the situation is different for new users as they will be asked to complete their details at the time of signing up for a WordPress account, and they are also required to enter the desired top level domain in the Blog Address field.

What happens when you are planning on running a WordPress Multisite with top-level domains and/or sub domains?

In that case, you are not required to use the domain mapping plug-in because WordPress allows you to change the domain from a sub-domain to a top level domain once you have added the site but here the most important thing is to set the COOKIE_DOMAIN to an empty string in your wp-config.php: otherwise WordPress will always set it to your network’s $current_site->domain and it will not allow you to login into any of the other sites.

Beware of the Cyber Squatters

Now a days this happens generally that some outer world persons or nodes steals your domain name, but how can they make it possible then the answer is they could register, and do the same thing with Your Domain, therefore contacting you and try to sell you those names at advanced prices. If that doesn’t work, then the following events could happen.

They will allow your competitor to get a domain that sounds like yours, and allow him to cause confusion or try to steal your hard-earned traffic, business and clients. Take these steps right now to halt the cyber squatters.

Go through your domain name registrar and fill in a form that locks in authorized entities of your claim of other domain names. You can buy these names and keep them under your roof. In this way you can save your domain.