Why your website needs a blog?

Starting up your business’ shared hosting website was a no-brainer. It is obvious how valuable a business website is these days. You may have even integrated social media into your online repertoire, another excellent idea. With the amount of people relying heavily on sites like Twitter and Facebook to get their information, you’d be a fool to ignore their potential for increasing your customer base.

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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your website or business through social media channels. Social media marketing programs usually looks forwards to create contents that attract the attention of the readers that can share their views on the social networks. Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone who is having a internet access. Social media is a kind of less expensive platform for marketing. It eases the company by lot of means by providing everything online.

The emergence of social media has brought a great change in the business strategies like information distribution, consumer behaviour, personal interaction etc. Social networking web sites allow individuals to interact with one another and help to grow their relationship better in terms of business. Both the organizations will be able to understand each other better and the transactions can be made very easily.

Some social networking sites like twitter, face book, LinkedIn allow users to comment on the products that are promoted by the company. With the help of this the customers will be able to get a deep knowledge about what kind of product they want to buy or use. This helps in increasing the popularity of the website.

Some important ways to do social media marketing are:

BLOGS : In this we can write articles about what we want to sell and get the feedback from the customer in the form of comments.

Live Chats : it helps in providing live conversation between the users and the owner. In this if there is any query about the business then that customer can directly ask.

Commenting : It helps people to post and view comments related to your content

Rating : With the help of rating we rate the contents, products or services accordingly. This increases the popularity of the content or the product.

User profile : We can create profile for users of that site by providing them user name and password for their security purpose.

Friend list : We can also build our own network of friends with the help of our profile. We can chat with them, share our ideas with them, share our thoughts etc.

Private message : We can also send private message to other members for the safety purpose.