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About SSL (Secure sockets layer)

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. When SSL move from your computer to your hosting server, then it encrypts the data. In other words, SSL encrypts information as it is transferred across the Internet. SSL is basically used to protect the information which goes through it into the computer and entered on the website. It provides safety to your confidential information like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or any other information entered into a web site.

SSL certificate is installed on a website, which makes you feel safe and secure for the information enter by you because it is only access by the organization that owns the website. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the use of this certificate is required by web server, so that SSL protocol can be used in an effective way.

SSL certificate providers offer SSL Certificates at a very cheap rate

There are various SSL providers available, but most of them are expensive and to choose the cheap ones, you have to see the needs of your business and according to that explore what different options are available before choosing a cheap SSL provider.

Have a look on the few cheap SSL Certificate providers:

Symantec : Symantec is a public company which provides SSL certificates and other products which provide security to the computer. In 2010, this provider buys the security business of VeriSign. Presently, Symantec is the largest SSL certificate provider, costs very less $877.40. It owns both GeoTrust and Thawte.

Globalsign : GlobalSign was established in 1996. Its headquarters are located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. It sells SSL certificate products and it is an SSL certificate authority. It is one of the cheap SSL certificate providers which costs $557.89

Swisssign : SwissSign was founded in 2001 and its headquarters are located in Glattbrugg, Switzerland. It is acquired by SwissPost in 2005 and it costs very less i.e. just $529.00. It is also a certificate authority, that offers SSL certificate and products which provide security to the computer. Thawte – Thawte was established in 1995 and owned by VeriSign in 1991, as it is sold to the same and is a large certificate authority, which sells SSL certificate products. Its headquarters are located in Cape Town, South Africa. Its price is $465.67.

Comodo : Comodo comes under private group of companies, as it is a private company. It was founded in 1998 and its headquarters are situated at Jersey City, New Jersey, USAir offers SSL certificate and computer security products at a very nominal price of $412.73

Network Solutions : Network Solutions was developed in 1979 and its headquarters are situated in Herdon, Virginia, USA. It is also a SSL certificate authority which sells web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates and other web services. It sells SSL certificates at the rate of $390.50. Geotrust- GeoTrust is a company which is owned by Symantec that sells SSL certificate products and is a large certificate authority. GeoTrust was established in 2001 and sold to VeriSign in 2006 and its headquarters are situated in Mountain View, California, USA. It costs $359.00

Digicert : Digicert was established in 2003, and its head office is located in Lindon, Utah, USA. Its cost is $349.33 and it is a private certificate authority that sells SSL certificate products.

TrustWave : TrustWave was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is a certificate authority that offers SSL certificate and products which provide security to computer at the cost of $320.75

Entrust : Entrust was established in 1994, and its head office is located in Dallas, Texas, USA. It is a privately held certificate authority that sells SSL certificates, authentication, and other security products through online mode. It cost very less only $267.33

Godaddy : GoDaddy is also an SSL certificate authority which sells web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, and other web services. It was established in 1997, and its head office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. It sells SSL certificates at the price of $154.87.

StartCom :StartCom was established in 2004, and its headquarters are located in Eilat, Israel. It is an certificate authority that sells SSL certificates for $108.46 It provide free SSL certificates that are domain-validated and supported in most newer web browsers.

Best Cheap Affordable SSl Certificates Provider

Security is guaranteed with Best Cheap Affordable SSL Certificate Provider

SSL is nothing but security socket layer protocol which has certificates such comodo SSL certificate. This particular protocol is used while making any kind of transaction between servers and browsers. Any kind of organization needs to store huge data and information in the web servers and need to transfer various files and data among other clients through browsers. These data and information need to be protected from hackers. Here, comodo essential SSL certificates come into play.

If an user wants to access any kind of data from that particular server belonging to the company, he needs to possess a certificate issued by the SSL protocol that will provide him with a key. This private key will help him to unlock the data which is encrypted. Comodo SSL certificates need to be registered in the name of the user in order to get access to confidential data and information. The best cheap affordable SSL certificate provider guarantees you to be legally registered with the protocol without any hassle.

Cheap comodo SSL certificate provider are also available. They will provide you with a warranty period so that if there is an issue with the certificate and formalities, then those can be easily cleared. Some of these certificates regarding the protocol can be very costly. That is why; there are various options available for different users. These users can choose from the options and the service provider will set up the system accordingly. This way, money will also be saved as well as the data and information also remains secured.

Comodo essential SSL provides you with many domains to choose from. There are different types of certificates provided by the service provider company. Depending on the needs of the customer as well as the traffic of your website, the certificate must be chosen. If you have a huge traffic for your website, then you must choose a fully validated certificate that will help you a great deal.

Companies providing cheap comodo SSL certificates provide you with solutions to many issues that you might be facing. Various certificates are strong depending on the

site on which it is built. The site and the software on which a particular certificate is built make a great difference. Comodo SSL certificates also help you to be connected to the intranet. It is required when you are an employee of a large organization which has sites in different parts of the world and you need to be connected to the database server and need to access other applications as well.

Some of the service providers give you unlimited licenses to users to access data and information. They also give the money back if the customer is not satisfied with the services. But they make sure that the customers are satisfied so that these kinds of situations do not arise. There are various levels of security available in the comodo SSL certificates. The users choose the security level that they are comfortable with or which they need of the benefit of their companies. These and more benefits are provided by the comodo essential SSL which are useful to the customers.