Web Hosting is a major factor in Online Presence success

The foundation of a successful business in today’s digital world is the establishment of an online presence to attract potential customers. An effective user-friendly web design, a pretty layout with an organized intuitive navigation structure, attractive visuals with standard look-and-feel, and call-to-action tailored to customer needs, are must for improving online visibility. As it makes it easy to find the right information quickly and delivers an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, a website must open with HTTPS and must have SSL to build trust that it is secure. A web hosting company provides all the necessary tools thus, makes website management simple, hassle-free and straightforward.

Ananova recommends WordPress.com & Shopify for creating powerful business venture e-commerce portals or brand-friendly stores. The hosting providers are reliable and provide cutting-edge technologies for all customized web design, security and development needs.

A business invests a major marketing budget on website content and its placement. Thus, look towards web hosting providers for its protection, through robust security measures such as regular backups, SSL certificates, and firewalls. It’s the hosting provider’s responsibility to keep the website available & accessible all the time, for customers to conduct transactions. Largely sales and revenue depend on website speed and uptime. A slow website can annoy the customer and thus drives them away. A customer always looks to access products or services quickly and efficiently and wants a good experience. A website providing satisfaction to its visitors has a good chance of their conversion. It is all a business looks for, which leads to increased traffic and helps to grow the business.

A hosting customer can find good customer support at both providers WordPress.com and Shopify via email and live chat.

HostRocket Key Selling Points


Hostrocket was founded in 1999, is very popular web hosting firm. Their headquarter is located in Clifton Park, NY. Since its inception
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company has been providing outstanding hosting solutions such as website hosting, shared SSD hosting, Reseller VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Their data centers offer high uptime and unmatched reliability. For network security, they have DOS and DDoS attack prevention. On-site staff is available 24/7 to handle the technical issues including hardware, software, and networking. Currently, Hostrocket is providing hosting services to around 50000 websites. SSD shared hosting is a perfect solution for individual or business website. With their reseller VPS hosting get Cpanel for website manager and webhost manager for web hosts and server administrator.

Change the way you look at web hosting companies.


This article will change the way that you look at the web hosting company you choose. Guaranteed.Those are bold words. You bet! You see, you’re not looking at your current web hosting company the way that you should be. I’m going to let you in on an industry secret. One that you should always remember. Ready?