Secured SSL Certificates

Different sides of Secured SSL certificates

The logic behind getting secured SSL certificates is that everyone wants to protect their confidential information. Okay let us go into little more details by saying that all business houses have confidential information, in fact even potentials and customers also have classified information that they need to update on a website at times. In order to ensure that this data when updated and exchanged from one computer to another remains secured, business houses need assistance in the form of SSL certificates.

An SSL in simple words is an encryption key that you get to protect your data while exchanging it with another computer. There are no doubts about the fact that these certificates have become quite indispensible for business houses of all kinds. No matter how big or small your business is, you should keep your as well as your client’s information protected. This way you will win over their trust and this will result in more revenue generation as you will get more business.

Now there different types of SSL certificates that make your life easy as a provider. For example if you are an ecommerce site, then you should ideally get a private SSL that is domain specific. Talking about domains brings us to another type of SSL that is called the multi domain SSL which can be used for multiple domains. Again there are SSL certificates for intranet sites as well. Much opposed to the popular view, even intranet sites need SSL certificates to keep their sites protected.

Of late the ecommerce SSL has become quite popular as more and more people log into these sites. An SSL certificate keeps the data that is exchanged during transactions safe and secured. Hence the use of this software has risen in the recent past. People feel more comfortable when they the stamp of these SSL certificates on these sites and they happily comply with the rules of these sites. This way it has been that secure SSL certificates have made life easy for all and sundry.

Yes of course before you invest into these SSL certificates make sure that you research thoroughly about them. In addition to this you should also conduct a study on the kind of company you are willing to purchase it from. This means you need to compare and

check the prices as well the services of these sites. There is no need to rush into things as this about the security of your business. You can take your time and explore all the possibilities in the best manner for good.

The fact is when we talk about protection everyone wants to ensure that their information remains restricted to the host they are trusting in. This means none of us would like to be at threat while sharing our personal information. This is why we always look for signs that make us feel protected and satisfied. These secured SSL certificates are such a sign of relief that helps one to identify and demarcate authentic websites from the others!

Shared SSL Certificates

User trusted shared SSL certificates

Yes what do you mean by user trusted shared SSL certificates? In order to understand the concept of this you first need to know what an SSL certificate is all about. A secure socket layers or SSL as it is popularly known as is an encryption code. In simple words it can be explained as an encryption service that protects the data that is transferred from two machines while making some kind of a transaction or any other action.

Okay now this user trust SSL or SSL certificate is very much like a key that you can purchase on placing an order. The next question that may be running in your mind is how does this help? Well in lay man’s words this is a protection that a business house needs to show that their site is safe and their business is genuine. Their customers will not be at threat when they disclose their personal information. Identity thefts and hackers are a big menace for those who use internet on a regular basis. This is why the stamp of an SSL is more than enough for people who have to deal with confidential data all the time.

In this regards a reference has to be made about shared SSL which does not use your domain and gets a lot of pop messages for this. This is however not at all recommended for ecommerce sites as their customers usually get apprehensive and intimidated when using such sites. This no doubt will result into loss of business for such sites. This is why private SSL has come into the picture. This uses specific domains and makes customers feel secured while making transactions.

This brings us to another discussion that of intranet SSL. There are many discussions going on about this particular encryption. Some believe that if you have an intranet site then there is no need of an SSL as the firewalls are capable enough of providing protection. Nonetheless some are of the view that if the word is protection then it is better to have double of it and hence an intranet SSL is a good idea to invest in.

Look the point is all about keeping your data as well as the data of your customers protected. When people talk about protection a little room is left for experimentation. No one wants to risk their personal information and confidential data and an SSL certificate ensures that all of it is well protected in the best possible manners. This is why investing in one of these is a very good idea no matter what kind you opt for.

In a way it has to be mentioned that user trusted shared comodo SSL certificates is a must for all business houses. No matter how small your line of business is or how big it is, you should always get one of these certificates to ensure safe exchange of data all through. This will only add to your online reputation and help you become a better brand in no time at all.

Cheap Linux Hosting Provider

Cheap linux hosting

The Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is a composition of the two terms i.e. Linux hosting,Linux Hosting Provider.

Linux Hosting:

Basically, Linux is a Unix-based Operating System. Although, presently it support GUI features but still it is superseded by window application. It was developed by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991 when he was the student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Now, it has become most widespread web hosting platform.

The web hosting which drive its server by using the free and open source Linux Operating System is called Linux Web Hosting. Hosting Linux mostly depends on a LAMP structure where LAMP stands for:

L-Linux Operating System
A-Apache Server Software
M-MySQL database
P-PHP scripting

Linux Hosting Provider:

The web hosting packages which provides the services of Linux Hosting is termed as Linux Hosting providers. Linux hosting provider offer stable and reliable environment to the website. Linux hosting provider guarantee reliability, security, speed and money back at low cost.

Cheap Linux Hosting Provider:

The Linux hosting packages which provides the services at low cost which is in accordance to user’s budget and need is termed as Cheap Linux Hosting Provider. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider offers unlimited disk space, hosted on multi core processors servers with RAID-10 drives. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is not only popular among large organizations and firms but also among individuals who are running web sites on the internet. Cheap Linux Hosting provider is the most basic entry-level form of web hosting which we can consider if we wish to receive the best value for money from our chosen web hosting package. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is ideal for those who are on a lower web hosting budget. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider can be highly effective for those who are on a budget but wish to be able to make the most of what web hosting has to offer. Cheap Linux Hosting

Provider offer the ability to reach customers around the world, increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance communication and customer service with little investment.

Cheap Linux Hosting Provider provides that sort of Linux software and applications which are completely free of cost. Developers can easily modify and utilize Linux applications and software. The best feature of Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is that Linux developers can easily obtain the complete set of Linux server software without the need of paying any high charges for it. MyIdealHost is Cheap Linux Hosting with free domain registration, unlimited hosted domains and mailboxes, cPanel control panel, 24/7 mail/chat/ phone etc.

Following are the different types of Cheap Linux Hosting Providers along with their price:

iPage: $1.99 $2.95
The benefits provide by this linux hosting are:

  • Anytime Moneyback
  • Free Domain
  • $450 Of Free Extras
It’s benefits are:

  • Flexible Pricing
  • $250 Marketing Credits
  • Everything UNLIMITED
BlueHost: $4.95 Hub: $3.95
The merits of this hosting are:

  • Professional Hosting
  • Free Setup
  • Hosting Over 1 Million Domains
It’s benefits are:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Free Domain And Setup
  • Save $3.00 Each Month!
Inmotion: $3.48 Arvixe: $5.00
The merits offered by it are:

  • Business Specialists
  • 100% U.S. Support – 24/7
  • Many Positive Reviews!
The merits offered by it are:

  • Linux/Windows/Java
  • Host up to 6 Websites
  • Great Reviews!
HostMetro: $4.49 Hostmonster: $6.95
Its benefits are:

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Use Coupon Code: Search25
The merits offered by it are:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Domain & Setup $7.49 Hostgator: $4.67
If offers the following benefits:

  • Daily Backups!
  • FREE Email Addresses
  • Google Webmaster Tools
If offers the following benefits:

  • $100 GoogleAdwords
  • 45 Day Money Back
  • 20% OFF Coupon: whsearch

Thus, Cheap Linux Hosting provider are meant not only for providing the cheap Linux Hosting but they are intended to provide the hosting services in an efficient manner as per the budget of consumer, as to get the service at a low price which meet out the requirement is the main purpose.

Cheap Window Hosting Provider

Cheap Widows Hosting

First of all we should be well known about the fact that what the window hosting and Window Hosting Provider are:

Windows Hosting:

The Windows web hosting which is carried out on Microsoft Windows Server platform and also allows we pages to be hosted by using classic ASP and/or ASP.NET platform. Windows hosting can be run by usage of Windows Web server like Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 servers. Only this type of hosting serves with MS Access database. Many of its reliable features are meant for assimilating any business along with the internet. Window hosting can easily and simply integrate the products of Microsoft to websites. Features like the Cold Fusion and ODBC database connectivity can be used for this hosting only and not by the UNIX.

Windows Cheap Web Hosting Provider:

The web hosting packages which provide the services of window hosting is termed as Window Hosting Provider. Window Hosting Provider must have Front Page Extension Support. It must support the Classic A.S.P 3.0, PHP5 or PHP4. It should be able to host many domains in one account. There should be a good control panel usually Plesk for window hosting. It should offer good anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Above all it should possess capability for any development or improvement in future. It has a good persuasive value and is an operative medium by which client communication is possible. It is reliable as it is manufactured by Microsoft which is a leading manufacturer of a large number of renowned software. It ensures complete safety and security of the website from hackers. This hosting provider makes sure that no update crashes the server.

Now we will deal with the concept of Cheap Hosting Provider.

The window hosting provider which provides the services of window hosting at a minimal price that is in collaboration of our budget and requirement is termed as Cheap Window Hosting Provider. Cheap Window Hosting Provider offer Windows 2000 / 2003 server hosting and some attractive features like

huge web space, free domain, etc. and support Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, Microsoft Access & MS SQL server support.

Following are the ways adopted by Cheap Window Hosting Provider so as to get cheap window hosting:

1. Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting

“Unlimited” means just that: unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything. Today, the technology has caught up with user demand for fast internet and high quality content, so there is really no reason for a web host to place restrictions or caps on their customers.

2. Ads on Your Terms

Some people offer cheap unlimited web hosting, except, we have to let them put whatever ads they want all over our site.

3. Stability

We need to find a web host that uses reliable, dedicated servers. Some hosts may be cheap, but we can almost set our watch on how often they crash and leave their customers and visitors out in the cold for hours on end. All servers will have down times for maintenance now and then, but we should try to go with a host who gets reviewed as being one of the more reliable ones.

Following are the Cheap Window Hosting Providers:

EasyCGI Low Cost Windows Web Hosting $7.96/mo

EasyCGI provides Windows 2008/2003 hosting with either IIS 7 Server or IIS 6 Server platform:

  • 350 GB storage,3500 GB transfer,FontPage
  • MS SQL,ASP &ASP.NET, Microsoft Access databases.

Support for Persits ASPUpload,ASPJpeg and ASPEmail.

GoDaddy Cheapest Windows Web Hosting $4.99/mo

GoDaddy provide the cheapest web hosting Windows based plan that includes:

  • 10 GB of web storage,300 GB of transfer
  • ASP, ASP.NET, Ajax, MS Access, MS SQL and MYSQL database, Blogs, Forums, Guestbook, Photo Gallery, etc.

LunarPages Cheap Windows Website Hosting $9.95/mo

LunarPages offers reliable Windows hosting cheap plans with the following features included:

  • 5 GB of storage,400 GB of bandwidth per month,
  • Unlimited MSSQL/MySQL databases, PHP, ASP, CGI, ASP.NET, and Plesk control panel, Blogs, Forums, etc.

IXwebhosting Cheap Windows Hosting $7.95/mo

IXwebhosting offers the cheapest windows hosting plans with unlimited domains that include:

  • Unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer,
  • Unlimited hosted sites, 3 IP addresses, FastCGI, ASP, ASP.NET v3.5, Cold Fusion v7 MX, MS Access, Microsoft SQL 2005 database + 2 FREE domains

Thus, our present scenario is demanding Cheap Window Hosting Provider so as to cop up with the need of common mass.

Cheap Web Hosting

Information about cheap web hosting

Yes if you want to know all about cheap web hosting then consider yourself blessed as you have reached the right place. Well cheap does not necessarily mean to be of a low quality. However you may come across a few cheap hosting providers in the market who may offer you compromised services. Besides this you need to be aware of a few things before purchasing hosting services from anyone. This can be done by reading through the internet and various other resources like web hosting directories and forums to gather maximum information about cheap web hosting services.

While hiring the services even of the best cheap web hosting providers you must focus on a few points that help you steer through the dilemma of the “who to hire” situation. One needs to check run a background search on a company that probably is short listed. Then you need to understand the kind of services a cheap web hosting is offering. Like do they 24/7 customer or not, how is their technical support team, then how much bandwith and disk space are they willing to offer. All this will surely help you sift the right company for you in no time at all.

None the less one should bear this in mind that a cheap web hosting provider may not be able to present you with everything. Of course if you are looking for budget hosting facilities then you should know where to draw the line. You cannot expect everything under the sun at a reasonable price. Yes their services will be efficient enough but there are limitations that you may work out by having a word with your provider.

Now if you are planning to run an ecommerce site, you should get SSL certificates for your website. An SSL is a technology that keeps your data secured during any kind of a data exchange. In simple words it protects the transactions that take place between a buyer and service provider. Many sites deal with credit card information, bank account details, and much more confidential information which is protected by these certificates. An SSL certificate is a mark of ensuring your site is genuine and has no threats whatsoever.

There are no doubts that SSL web hosting can be really beneficial. The first point that needs to be mentioned in its favor is that it keeps your website and all its transactions free from the threats of identity thefts and hackers. This means it ensures better quality of security that may win you more customers over your competitors. Many may argue that this kind of security depends on the payment structure for its encryption, yet the presence of an SSL certificate can alone state that your site is secured which is more than enough.

In order to get SSL certificates you need to have a word with your hosting service provider. If you are opting for the new age cheap web hosting provider then you can also go through their different plans for the same. Rest assured you can trust a good provider and get on with your plans.