Choosing Windows Web Hosting Services Over Linux

The web hosting business can thrive only when it can retain existing customers and keep adding new ones. The web hosting platforms like cPanel & Plesk have provided ease of integration and migration. Still, the web hosting providers are categorized as Windows & Linux web hosting service providers. Each has its allegiance, revenue, and marketplace, as web development goes in all these languages Laravel, ASP, Microsoft’s .Net.

Microsoft offers and is continuously developing tools for the web service provider industry & hosters with products such as Site Server and Commerce Server to gauge the application management, integration, and packaged value-add delivery nuances of Web services and .Net. Microsoft makes it easy at work to integrate and build responsive websites for handsets and PDAs. The company has remained a solid contender for the Linux web services space and has continuously improved and overcome shortcomings.

Linux is open-source, accessible, and cheap to deploy back-end services. Thus, it’s gaining much popularity & accounts as a leading platform for the web. While being economically viable, the hosting platform provides the best security, stability, and transaction support. Most hosting providers offer Linux hosting solutions with plan customization.

The choice of Linux or Windows platform largely depends on the web programming language as ASP, Visual Studio .Net, and .NET run only on Windows and its excellent reliability. Web developers still use these languages as the toolsets and resources make it easier to modify applications, customize them faster, integrate changes, and the ability to deliver them with the best functionality. Thus, bringing dynamism to customer applications as per needs. The customers didn’t need to wait around to get results. Furthermore, .Net applications are considered secure compared to others magnified by ten and hence dominate the web development market. With the best engineering, full support, and Microsoft build products, the Windows web hosting services will stay for long in the web hosting business and keep drawing the attention and momentum.

Microsoft upgrades and enhances the web host’s capability of deploying Microsoft Microsoft architecture in their data centers. Furthermore, it supports the development of an internal service-level management application built entirely using .Net. Most hosting providers endorse ‘.Net’-based web hosting services to small and midsize businesses to use a shared hosting environment and when applications outgrow the use of windows dedicated servers.

The web hosting services market is growing fast, as the amount of application-to-application or server-to-server traffic will explode.

Easy-cgi Review And Summary


EasyCGI is a place where clients can put their ideas into motion on web. It build websites for free and offers useful tools for blogging and e-commerce.

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Shared hosting services comes with useful features like Unlimited Disk Space, ASP.NET 3.0 with AJAX 1.0, ASP, Perl, PHP4/PHP5 and SSI. VPS Web hosting services host Unlimited Websites. It supports various languages such as Perl, SSI & PHP. By offering a personalized control panel, each and every aspect can be controlled. To increase the visibility of website, Google Webmaster Tools are available now. Windows 2008, the most advanced server OS is also offered now to power next generation of applications, networks & web services.




Web hosting wordpress Linux

If you want to start a business then, first of all, you need a good website, and for that, you require a good hosting plan. Linux server hosting and Windows hosting are the two most common options but “Which is the better option?” Is Linux hosting is better?

About Linux hosting

Linux is an open-source system or open-source software. It means that anyone can edit or utilize it to create other operating systems and due to this the base code is open to the public. Linux founded by the Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE. It is software which is like a Unix-Operating System based on the Linux-kernel that was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux is to be considering as a very efficient and effective operating system which possess many of the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) components and utilities which are found in Microsoft Windows and in the proprietary elements which most of them find useful because of the contributions of thousands of expert coders. It is very cheap to operate i.e. it may cost you less than Windows. It is known for scalability, stability, and speed. Thus it is going to crash less than a Windows server. It also supports different types of applications, software and programming languages including Perl, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.But Linux hosting cannot be used with some Microsoft technologies like Access, ASP or MS SQL, for these technologies you need Windows hosting server.

Linux hosting is best and secure for WordPress

The type of web hosting you use depends so much on the kind of software, which you will be running on your website. If we talk about particularly for WordPress users, then for them Linux is considered a better option than other hosting systems. It mainly happens due to WordPress is designed in such manner that it can run on Linux servers which typically possess PHP and MySQL installed. If you compare Windows server with Linux server to run WordPress on them, then WordPress can also run on Windows server with some adjustments required to be made to get the software to run as efficiently as it does on a Linux server. Linux is also considering as a good operating system for CGI and Perl scripts. Regarding security, there are some policies and practices of the hosting provider, and good WordPress hosting companies always keep them ready, and they already have prior arrangements by which they can secure their servers and protect their customers. So, is the case of Linux hosting.

And it is recommended, If you plan on using WordPress and not any other program, then Linux hosting plan to be considered as best served to host. And If you plan on using other programs, then you need to find the type of support and service offered by each operating system for those programs and then select the one which best fulfills your requirement.

Many people believe Linux Web Hosting as the best hosting solution because of its several benefits like; it provides reliability, reasonability, security, efficiency, and much more. Linux hosting uses open source software. It provides you more than one option i.e. multiple options to fulfill the requirements of hosting. PHP is considered to be one of the most popular languages for programming, and the good thing is this that it is compatible with Linux web hosting. People who are learning programming i.e. practicing programmers may also test new things with the help of Linux hosting. Thus it proves to be beneficial for programmers also. And at last the biggest advantage of using Linux hosting as we have read earlier also is that it is very cheap and affordable. Proprietary software’s are not installed and due to this over head expenses are reduced in Linux hosting. If you choose Linux, you do NOT need to run Linux on your PC to host your site on the Linux platform. Which OS you run on your computer does not matter; even if you are running Windows XP, you can still use Linux to run your website.

Thus from the above, it is clear that Linux hosting is best and secure for WordPress.

Top Windows Web Hosting Companies

When you settle for one web hosting company to host your website among numerous factors consider your operating system also as it plays an important role in hosting. The operating system like Linux, Mac, Windows decides that what type of database to carry and kinds of scripts to run. Here, we discuss some facts about windows web hosting. This kind of web hosting make use of Microsoft’s windows software to host your website. Database that supported by Windows operating system is a MySQL server database and it allows ASP scripts to run that basically make use of Microsoft and .NET programming language. Here you can create websites that are really supportable with Microsoft products as Windows provide you a good user friendly platform. Windows  hosting is currently in demand and it provides you a convenient way to go online.

Windows Web Hosting Features

Simple To Use

Your hosting company that provides you windows hosting can easily present your website. Downloading and uploading of the website is very easy while using this type of web hosting. Web sites that are based on windows hosting features needs little bit alterations and thus your website can be straightforwardly launched. Windows based sites do not need so much time to resolve the errors. Here you can simply set up the permission to access specific files and folders in your website.

Easy to Install Application

Windows based hosting service you can easily install new applications in your storage space provided by the provider. Hosting provider allows easy addition to your web sites. Through this type of installation you can easily increase the functionality of the website. Your service provider can also add further applications to your website which gives extra benefits to your website functionality, on your behalf.

Customer support

Windows based web hosting will give you very efficient customer and technical support because lots of the people have awareness about operating system and they are able to deliver you the finest solutions to all your troubles. Windows based hosting companies will give you full technical support as well. Down time of such hosting services is not so much longer so you can be assured of first class service.

One more thing to consider here is that you can get reseller web hosting service also. In which you can host your another websites easily, in your disk space.

There is some Windows web hosting companies listed below: The very first name that comes into consideration is Arvixe. Here you can find the Windows web hosting at just $4 a month. Starts your first website online with this company will definitely give you more relaxation than any other web hosting provider. They will provide you full assistance regarding any issue. You can find here unlimited space, unlimited email accounts. Second name that comes into consideration is Ix Web hosting. Here you can start at just $4.95 a month. They will provide you full customer and technical support so that you can get a solution within a very short time period. They are truly dedicated to this web hosting service. This is another company that provides Windows web hosting. You can avail the services here at just $5.95 a month. They will provide you the facility of unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, and additional applications for good looks of the website.

Description: In recent time period everybody understand the need of the time and the need is the online presence of your business or your own name. Because of this people do the website hosting through the various web hosting companies. In today’s time period Windows web hosting is the better option for people. Here you can get amazing application support through which you can easily make your site more comfortable for people. You can set up access for the persons that you want to access your website folders and files. This is totally Microsoft based application support, here you can run ASP scripts which supports MySQL server database. In fact, people are much aware about the operating system used in it. Start using this service and feel the difference.

Cheap Window Hosting Provider

Cheap Widows Hosting

First of all we should be well known about the fact that what the window hosting and Window Hosting Provider are:

Windows Hosting:

The Windows web hosting which is carried out on Microsoft Windows Server platform and also allows we pages to be hosted by using classic ASP and/or ASP.NET platform. Windows hosting can be run by usage of Windows Web server like Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 servers. Only this type of hosting serves with MS Access database. Many of its reliable features are meant for assimilating any business along with the internet. Window hosting can easily and simply integrate the products of Microsoft to websites. Features like the Cold Fusion and ODBC database connectivity can be used for this hosting only and not by the UNIX.

Windows Cheap Web Hosting Provider:

The web hosting packages which provide the services of window hosting is termed as Window Hosting Provider. Window Hosting Provider must have Front Page Extension Support. It must support the Classic A.S.P 3.0, PHP5 or PHP4. It should be able to host many domains in one account. There should be a good control panel usually Plesk for window hosting. It should offer good anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Above all it should possess capability for any development or improvement in future. It has a good persuasive value and is an operative medium by which client communication is possible. It is reliable as it is manufactured by Microsoft which is a leading manufacturer of a large number of renowned software. It ensures complete safety and security of the website from hackers. This hosting provider makes sure that no update crashes the server.

Now we will deal with the concept of Cheap Hosting Provider.

The window hosting provider which provides the services of window hosting at a minimal price that is in collaboration of our budget and requirement is termed as Cheap Window Hosting Provider. Cheap Window Hosting Provider offer Windows 2000 / 2003 server hosting and some attractive features like

huge web space, free domain, etc. and support Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, Microsoft Access & MS SQL server support.

Following are the ways adopted by Cheap Window Hosting Provider so as to get cheap window hosting:

1. Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting

“Unlimited” means just that: unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything. Today, the technology has caught up with user demand for fast internet and high quality content, so there is really no reason for a web host to place restrictions or caps on their customers.

2. Ads on Your Terms

Some people offer cheap unlimited web hosting, except, we have to let them put whatever ads they want all over our site.

3. Stability

We need to find a web host that uses reliable, dedicated servers. Some hosts may be cheap, but we can almost set our watch on how often they crash and leave their customers and visitors out in the cold for hours on end. All servers will have down times for maintenance now and then, but we should try to go with a host who gets reviewed as being one of the more reliable ones.

Following are the Cheap Window Hosting Providers:

EasyCGI Low Cost Windows Web Hosting $7.96/mo

EasyCGI provides Windows 2008/2003 hosting with either IIS 7 Server or IIS 6 Server platform:

  • 350 GB storage,3500 GB transfer,FontPage
  • MS SQL,ASP &ASP.NET, Microsoft Access databases.

Support for Persits ASPUpload,ASPJpeg and ASPEmail.

GoDaddy Cheapest Windows Web Hosting $4.99/mo

GoDaddy provide the cheapest web hosting Windows based plan that includes:

  • 10 GB of web storage,300 GB of transfer
  • ASP, ASP.NET, Ajax, MS Access, MS SQL and MYSQL database, Blogs, Forums, Guestbook, Photo Gallery, etc.

LunarPages Cheap Windows Website Hosting $9.95/mo

LunarPages offers reliable Windows hosting cheap plans with the following features included:

  • 5 GB of storage,400 GB of bandwidth per month,
  • Unlimited MSSQL/MySQL databases, PHP, ASP, CGI, ASP.NET, and Plesk control panel, Blogs, Forums, etc.

IXwebhosting Cheap Windows Hosting $7.95/mo

IXwebhosting offers the cheapest windows hosting plans with unlimited domains that include:

  • Unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer,
  • Unlimited hosted sites, 3 IP addresses, FastCGI, ASP, ASP.NET v3.5, Cold Fusion v7 MX, MS Access, Microsoft SQL 2005 database + 2 FREE domains

Thus, our present scenario is demanding Cheap Window Hosting Provider so as to cop up with the need of common mass.

Linux v/s Windows Web Hosting

One of the most confusing decisions someone new to web hosting will have to make is which platform their server should be on. There are a number of different choices out there but the main two are Linux and Windows web servers.

There are also a lot of sources of information about hosting, but the majority of them are tainted by the author’s biased personal opinion unfortunately confusing the issue.

Having just put in some solid hours researching the topic I have come to the conclusion that in general it quite probably does not matter which server you use. For the majority of people it will be far more important to choose a really good web host than to worry about the server-type that they implement.

Microsoft developed and owns the Windows operating system. Linux is open source and generally free. This means it can often be more expensive to set up and run a Windows server. However, this fact doesn’t really affect you unless you are actually setting up a server for yourself and if you’re reading this article then I’m guessing that it’s safe to assume you’re not.

This article is going to offer information for those trying to decide which hosting company to go with. The cost involved in running a server does not affect the cost of a web-hosting package as much as you may think. Despite the general opinion that Windows servers are more expensive to run, buying a Windows hosting package can often turn out to be just as cheap or even cheaper than an equivalent Linux hosting package.

Some people naturally assume that because their PC runs Windows they need to buy a Windows hosting package. This isn’t true. Access to your web account will most likely be through FTP or a control panel and both servers support these methods.

The main difference is that some of the FTP commands are slightly different between Linux and Windows and some FTP programs will be designed with one or the other in mind. This means you may occasionally find that when you try and get your FTP program to do something it returns an error message, but it won’t happen very often.

Your choice of server platforms should be dictated by the use to which you intend to put it. The majority of web features run fine on both platforms including PHP, mySQL, POP3 etc.

If you intend to create your site using ASP, FrontPage, the .NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, Access, MSSQL, or any of the other Microsoft proprietary technologies then you probably need to use a Windows host. There is limited support for a number of these technologies in Linux, but they can be expensive and are usually lacking in features.

It is probably worth considering the fact that if you use server specific technologies and then change hosts you’ll have a much harder time of it than if you use technologies that can be run on any system. Having it run generic technologies removes the need to focus on specifics and allows you to focus on the quality of service itself.

The reliability and stability of the different platforms have been the topic of many long arguments. The main reason that Windows is seen as being insecure is that it is the most widely used operating system for home PC’s. People spend more time looking for flaws in the most common system. With Linux being the most common server type, it has a surprising number of successful hack attempts made on it.

In the end the security of both platforms comes down to the competency of the system administrators. If you are security minded then you’ll do better to make sure that the hosting company is reputable and highly skilled than to worry about the server they use.

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Windows Web Hosting

Web hosting has been around for several years now and has evolved from simple HTML pages hosting small simple sites with a few images into full blown web based hosted applications where end users can visit a site, interact with the web site owner and even purchase goods and services all over the internet.
Windows/ XP Web hosting provides web hosting on Windows operating system platform. Microsoft Corporation provides host based software operating system for servers. Windows XP web hosting programs are considered to be easy to cope with, reliable and inexpensive.

Sending and receiving email is done easily on a Windows hosting account. Once your mailbox has been created you can use a WebMail interface to send and receive email from a web browser or you can use Outlook and Outloox Express email clients.

Windows provides its users with friendly, familiar environment that is easy to work with. Today as so much work has been done by developers it’s very easy to administrate your site with using Windows/ Server Side operating system. The Windows/NT platform is also reliable. You also should know that reliability of any platform, same as Windows/NT platform, depends mainly on maintenance and technical knowledge.

Windows/XP platform is scalable and very cost-effective because at a relatively low price you can set up a fully functional Internet server with Windows XP in a matter of hours.

And if you prefer ASP most of all Windows/ XP – based web hosting is the perfect choice for you. There are also some more only Windows available applications such as Access, MS SQL, Windows Media and Virtual Basic scripts. Windows XP offers benefits over other operating systems. Using these benefits gives you an opportunity to be productive and publish your information on the Internet rapidly developing your website or web application.

Windows XP server packages have great programs for individuals who are familiar with MS Windows XP software. The server package for hosting even allows for optimization of hard disk space and RAM which eliminates computer lock-ups while loading web applications.

Domain Hosting Services


Domain hosting refers to businesses that have specialization in hosting domain names for individuals and companies. Domain hosting is linked with web hosting since many companies offer both the services. So, it is business of maintaining files for many websites.

Domain names are phrases that are combined with TLD to access a website through a browser. In other terms, the domain name is the name of website.

Providers of domain hosting:

There are top notch domain hosting providers in the world of web. They are Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Ipage, Inmotion hosting. They are also providing services like wordpress, SSL certificate, website builder, domain registration, site building tools, disk space. Price of domain of different companies start from $2.25/mo to $29/mo.

TLDs or Domain Extension:

A TLD is referred as a domain extension which appears at the end of a domain name. For example, the TLD for is .com. When anybody purchases a domain through company, he can choose from several different TLDs. Each TLD has its own benefits, so to choose best which suits business and websites.

There are some popular TLDs which are:

.com, .org, .edu, .mil, .gov, .co, .biz, .info, .me, .net

.com, .org and .net have higher search engine rankings. Some country code specific TLDs are there. These TLDs contain two letters following a .co. For example, the country code TLD for the United Kingdom is The country code domains depend upon the specific part of the world as search engines return geotargeted results.

In this year many new TLDs are introduced which emerged on internet with valid website address endings. They indicate for a particular website.These are:

.bank, .academy, .cloud, .cooking, .auction

TLD’s importance:

In order to associate a domain name with a website or an IP address, we must first register the domain with a specific TLD.Domains are registered for a fix period of time.

Guides to choose right TLD

One can choose between many different types of domain name extensions but the most popular is the .com extension. .Com domain can be easily sold or purchase by anyone. Many other common international TLDs include .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name and .pro. In the terms of functions all the extensions have equal importance which is listed above. Most countries have their own top-level domains which are called ccTLDs. For example, .uk for UK, .fr for France and .us for united states.

What are domain names?

The domain name system which is also called DNS is a worldwide network of web servers that constitute a global database of domain names and IP addresses. The job of DNS is to take web addresses and translate them into different parts of numbers that are flexible with computer. DNS servers are also named as nameservers. Domains are stored on the DNS servers to which they are pointed. When anyone registers a website, the site which is used to purchase domain name usually holds the DNS record for that domain.

Guides to choose right domain name:

To choose a good domain name for the website, just be clear of short-term trends and select something that will give best to your company for years to come. Steps to choose right domain name:

  1. Don’t violate copyright of others.
  2. Include important keyword and focus on recognition.
  3. Create a specific domain. If anyone chooses to have for main site on a non-dot com TLD, then use .com and redirect it.
  4. Numbers and hyphens cannot be used.

DOMAIN – HOSTING complement to each other:

To own a blog or any website comprises of two different parts, domain and host. The domain is the address which people use to get to the website. To register a domain with any number of registrars or providers anyone pay an annual fee to use particular web address. Website hosting is the different service that stores the files of website. Self-hosted websites has server space from a company that agrees to store the files.

Along with domain hosting, the website hosting is also important. The website hosting can be done in different ways like Personal website hosting, small business web site hosting and large business website hosting. Pricing is different in the above web hosting services.


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Windows Web Hosting Provider

The company cpwebhosting have various offers related to windows hosting and the cpwebhosting is the leading Windows hosting provider, we offer our respected clients the most affordable and secure Windows web hosting plans. Take advantage of our unique offer and sign up for the professional and low cost web hosting package.

Actually the company have solutions for all kind of business owners whether they are big or small or self-employed so who are searching for the affordable and quality Windows website hosting packages. We as the best Windows hosting provider guarantee you the professional and low cost Windows server hosting solutions.

Now a days security is the main ingredient for any kind of faithful service apart of this searching for the balance between features, security and value we at cpwebhosting have designed our secure and cheap Windows server hosting plans. Rely on the professional Windows hosting provider- cpwebhosting and grow your business securely and firmly.
So choosing cpwebhosting can be a better option for you.

Windows v/s Linux Hosting

When the Windows was launched some 20 plus years ago, it caught like wild fire because it was all of a sudden so easy to use and so convenient to install. The best things that it maintained a constant identity as the product of Windows, while on the other hand Linux went along under many names, such as Knoppix, Mandrake, SuSe, Windows, and so on. With each name (different companies) Linux as an operating system had slight variations. Hence, it was bothersome for people to keep track, and sometime use Linux due to this aspect.

Then comes the inherent difference between these operation systems.

Technically speaking, you will find the GUI is optional in the Linux
operations system while it is part and parcel of the Windows. The separation of the GUI directly affects the reliability and speed not to mention efficiency of a server and hence here Linux scores over the Windows.

Another major difference is in the way these operating systems handle their command prompts. While Windows uses similar command interpreters for its Windows 9x versions, the NT series have a different style but common to each other. Linux on the other hand, being a UNIX version has the capability of handling multiple command interpreters, which can be a boon, though it mostly favors Bourne Again Shell (BASH). The other interpreters that you will find in Linux are C Shell, ash, Korn shell and so on.

The best and most highlighted difference is the price tag attached to the operating systems. Windows is an expensive to say the least, operating system which comes with a copyrighted license, while Linux is free for all, easily downloadable anytime you want it. The downside here is that Linux has instruction which will tell you what to do which may be why people are indeed reluctant to move away from Windows; though there are a few low cost Linux versions which come with automation and manuals.

Another plus in favor of Linux is the lack of any security requirement. The viruses, spy wares, malawares and what not you have it are all a product of Microsoft, for Windows. Hence, while you have to use high security firewalls with Windows, you are free from any such headaches with Linux.

Lastly, you have the difference of availability of software. The majority of the software that you find on the market are for Windows and they will not run on Linux unless Windows is somewhere configured as a subsystem which actually goes against the reason of using Linux in the first place.
Hence, till a suitable interface is found where Linux can be compatible with Windows without using Windows itself, have a few clear-cut instructions for first time users and sufficient information on its technicalities, people will prefer Windows to Linux, even if they have to pay to use it.