How to install wordpress manually without fantastico

About the WordPress

WordPress is the very popular software which is used to manage the content and growing very fast all over the world. It is related with blogs and thus it allows its users to gain blog experience, as this is the main function of the WordPress. Basically it is used as a blogging tool but its developers all over the world increases its functions, created very typical and complicated websites and make it grew as a system used to manage the content. WordPress is easy to use because it has a very friendly interface. It contains various numbers of plugins for different purposes which allow its functions to be extended in different ways.

It is very easy and convenient to install the WordPress manually without fantastico in your hosting server…for this you have to follow few instructions one by one and you will see that your task is over within few minutes, which you have not think earlier..So have a look.

To install WordPress manually without fantastico in your hosting server, first of all you will need to open the link In the right end corner of the home page ,”Download WordPress” button is available which you need to click to download the latest stable release and then click on the “Download WordPress” button to choose your download version ,which you can see on the top right corner of the home page. After pressing the button, you will see that a dialog box is displayed where you need to save the file to where it was downloaded and for this select the “Save file” option and click on “OK” button. In the next step, you are required to extract the file, thus open the WordPress folder given on the screen and in the next window you will upload the entire WordPress folder to your server using an FTP Manager like filezilla. Now once the WordPress folder or its all files have been uploaded, then you go to your website in your web browser. In the next window, click “Create a configuration file” button to create a configuration file and next click on “Let’s go!” button, available on the next window to continue the process. Now in the next window, you are required to enter your database connection details, so start with your username, enter my SQL Username in the “Username” box, enter my SQL password in the “Password” box and then click on “Submit” button to submit the database details. In the next step you will run the install and for this click on “Run the install” button to run the install and then enter the title for your blog in the “Site Title” box, password in the “Password twice” box if you don’t want a password generated for you and your e-mail address in the “Your E-mail” box and last click on “Install WordPress” button to complete the process. Now you will see the window which shows WordPress has been installed and then you click on “Log In” button. Next you will enter your username in the “Username” box, password in the “Password” box and if you want your password to remember by the blog or site so that it will automatically allow you to log in, select the checkbox” Remember Me” and then click on “Log In” button to end up this process of WordPress installation manually in your hosting server. In the last window which will display on your screen shows you your admin panel where you can manage your blog or website and its settings.

This is the end of the article and after going through this I am sure that you will understand or learn that how to install WordPress manually without fantastico in your hosting server by simply following the step by step instructions.

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