WordPress hosting unlimited speed with security

WordPress Hosting Security

It comes as no surprise that the WordPress hosting has dominated the interweb space for since its launch. The WP package offers speed, security, capability and surely delivers hands on what is promised with no false underlying statements. The services when hired do not come cheap for a WordPress portal but then you need to pay the best to get the best and the easy maintenance that comes as a guarantee.

When it comes to breaching in web portals, an in depth look at the security offered by the Web hosting company’s is a pre-requisite requirement. There have been doubts raised on the security of the WordPress web portals. WordPress has been considered as one of the most secure platforms that one can choose for his site, and the platform of WordPress offers protected plug-ins which has been its leverage against the Windows and Linux platform. The security offered by the WordPress even though questioned came out clean through offering strong set of passwords and the site running on the latest version of the WordPress platform security is kept intact with the vigilant WordPress security staff. If you still are skeptical towards the kind of security WordPress offers CMS platform which is one of the most secure networks on the Internet. In the year 2009, the WordPress company took some hard knocks in the Web publishing as some of its security vectors were exploited, that was years ago but as soon as the company heard of the breach, the core team added up the patches soon enough and the WordPress codebase began to look like the Fort Knox.

WordPress offers new security patch every few weeks which can fight against the latest software attacks and viruses. Since Updating WordPress is easy enough the updates every few weeks does not become overbearing. WP takes the site security so seriously that the company has even put its own money on stake. What more can a person can ask and it that does not satisfy your yearning than the portals hosted on WordPress comes with free of cost cleaning of viruses and that no doubt give a lot of customers peace of mind.

Daily back-ups and one click go back to the secure time restoration offers are the couple of brownie points that comes with the guarantee that even going back in time can fix your current problems. The third party plug-ins are installed for your site by the back-end support system of WP and the also accentuates the protection system.

Another feature that the WordPress system boasts of is staging area where when you need to update a plugin or change the theme or the look of your site, the system tests it beforehand in the staging area before uploading that on the internet ensuring that the breakage is not done to your live site if a plug-in is not working one and the problem can be rectified.

WordPress takes care of the information on the average number who visits your site and bandwidth use as well as the host’s system status, links to the WP Engine blog and the

company’s latest tweets. The account is simple with settings like domain, CDN, redirect rules, backup points, error logs and phpMyAdmin and the portal becomes easy to use even for a non-technical person because the settings are very basic and the company takes care of the technicalities.

When it comes to speed, WordPress Engine’s uptime and response times were almost faultless. The site is up 99.99% of the time, with downtime of just 8 minutes. The web hosting package comes with integrated features like SEOMoz API, complete with automatic links, sitemaps and SEO optimization in the WordPress setup and nothing else compares or matches well with the hefty feature line up, WordPress package definitely proves to be the safest and the steadfast tortoise in the industry.

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