The Reselling Model

Resellers face several significant challenges, and not least of these is technical support. While resellers can reasonably expect that they will be given some support by their parent hosting companies, in almost all cases they are responsible for directly fielding the complaints of their own customers.


In other words, if a reseller\’s client calls to complain about downtime, it is the reseller who must address the matter – even if \’addressing\’ it just means complaining to the original host. This is a source of frequent complaint among resellers, because they feel that while they cannot directly remedy many of the most common hosting problems (bandwidth, space limitations, downtime, etc.), they are the ones who have to deal with end users whose sites are down, or are loading too slowly.


Ideally, however, resellers should not operate according to the same business model as hosting companies. Although resellers may market themselves as hosts (indeed, some deliberately foster an appearance of being first-generation hosting companies), they are ultimately a sales and services company, not a technology provider.

Resellers do not actually own the server space that they are selling, and their two principal responsibilities consist of recruiting new customers and servicing those accounts once they are established.


Resellers are valuable to hosting companies because they are middle men; they concentrate their resources on sales and support, and the hosting company, freed from the need to employ a bank of CSRs, can funnel its resources into technology. If resellers could hand off their sales and support duties to the original host, then there would be no reason for the host to even include them in the business model!

Ultimately, however, this system tends toward greater efficiency, particularly because resellers are often based in countries other than their host. For example, when a British host\’s server goes down, the company\’s French reseller might receive complaints from each of its twenty clients – but would then lodge a single complaint with the hosting company.

Reseller Host

A reseller, is merely a merchant who sells the services provided by the actual provider. This is not to say that the reseller does or cannot offer their own services, like web design services for example, in addition to the hosting services. Resellers do not own the servers, or manage the network, or any of the truly technical stuff that the actual provider does. When you call a reseller for support issues, most of the technical problems are relayed to the actual host. In essence, the reseller functions in a similar fashion as a retailer, reselling goods provided by someone else at a profit.

An actual web host provider is selling services from servers that it owns and maintains. Typically, they manage the machines, networks, DNS, and the actual uplinks to the Internet backbone. When you call a true hosting provider for support, they handle it directly.

If you have a high traffic website, or if you wish to purchase a dedicated or co-location account, it may be worth your while to ensure that you are working with an actual hosting provider. This ensures that your account can receive the highest level of attention possible, since all agreements and issues are addressed directly with the people who are responsible for the work, instead of through intermediaries who may or may not communicate your needs effectively.

Now, this is not always the case. Some hosting resellers are well equipped to handle even the most demanding of needs. But overall, for those with an overpowering need for the highest quality relationship, working directly with a hosting provider is your best course of action.

Multi-Domain Web Hosting

In the first case the customer is really looking for a large shared hosting plan that allows multiple domains. More frequently in the industry you see the term ‘Multi-Domain account‘ to refer to these plans. These customers can be webmasters with a network of websites, web designers, or a company that wants separate websites for their different brands. Most people doing business on the internet have more then 1 website. Hosting companies have recently taken notice to this and started offering ‘multiple domain’ accounts. Before customers were left with the choice of a full blown Reseller plan, dedicated server, or multiple hosting accounts.


These accounts can also be less inexpensive then traditional Reseller plans because they do not need to offer all of the services such as Private label branding. They are essentially shared hosting accounts that allow for several domains.

The second customer is really looking for a turnkey business, a franchise of the parent hosting company if you will. These customers are hosting companies who do not want to carry the overhead of a datacenter or series of managed servers.

Using a Reseller Hosting plan allows a hosting company to have a complete professional hosting company without all of the traditional startup costs. It allows them to focus on growing a customer base and not infrastructure issues. These hosting plans are more expensive then shared and multi-domain hosting plans but offer extra services. They usually come with private label branding, private name servers, marketing discounts, and forum boards with other resellers of the company. As you can see from this discussion the hosting industry has many customers with different needs. The Reseller and Shared hosting markets are converging the meet the demands of the customer with multiple websites.

Reseller Hosting Guide

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller Web hosting is a form of web hosting where the provider company may split their hard drive and bandwidth and resell web hosting. Generally resellers are web consultants, web designers, web developers that offer web hosting solutions to their clients as an add-on service. Resellers are allowed to set up their own prices and even market under their own brand name. Reselling hosting generally does not require much knowledge about web hosting. As a reseller you are not responsible for maintaining web server or other maintenance related tasks. In other words all you do is to sell space and bandwidth for another company.

How does Reseller Web Hosting works?

As a reseller you need to purchase a ‘reseller package’ from a provider. You have a reseller hosting account control panel called Web Host Manager(it can be called other names as well). Web Host Manager is where you go to create your customer accounts. After filling in their account information you click ‘create.’ This will instantly set them up with their very own control panel. This is where they will go to administer their website. Once they are logged into control panel they can create sub domains, email addresses, change passwords, and much more without requiring any help from you or main provider.


Where to find providers with Reseller Web Hosting?

Majority of Web Hosting providers offer Reseller Hosting plans. Unless of course they are resellers themselves. This information generally is located some where on the site of provider, if not sure just call provider and ask.

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Reseller Hosting Ethics

Web host reseller is a business that buys server space at a discounted price from a higher-tier Web host and then resells it to its own clients.


Usually a reseller is an independent contractor who buys Web space from a reseller hosting service provider in order to sell that same space, sometimes in smaller increments, to businesses and individuals for a substantial profit. The reseller often enhances the value of Web hosting services by offering special expertise on top of raw Internet presence provision.


Many resellers are similar to affiliates, and are paid based on how many customers they sign up every month. The difference between affiliate programs and cheap reseller hosting services is that resellers continue to be paid each month for every client they sign up, whereas affiliate programs are generally paid a one time commission. The first thing you will want to do if you plan on becoming a reseller is to decide what products or services you want to sell.


Resellers are able to enhance customer care through offering more personable service and by leveraging their human resources to create more in-depth, customized documentation for their clientele. By so doing, resellers have endeared themselves to a large number of small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) who purchase Web hosting services.


Resellers that physically maintaining a rack of Internet servers is not required to be successful at providing Web hosting services. Indeed, the fact that they do not maintain infrastructure means that resellers can provide additional value-added services to their clients due to cost-efficiencies. For this reason, the majority of Web host resellers are either Web developers or system integrators who provide e-business solutions to their customers. Typically, their customers want ‘integrated solutions, which include Internet connectivity as a central component. Since their customers contract them for their expertise, Web developers and system integrators are usually granted the responsibility to provide hosting to ensure compatibility with the solutions that are deploying.

Most resellers are second-tier hosting companies, Internet service providers, Web designers, publishers, domain registrars, or individuals who wish to capitalize on the expanding market for enterprise-class Internet services.

Beginners Reseller Hosting

A reseller buys a hosting package from a hosting company and then tries to sell it independently. As a reseller you create your own hosting plans you are free to resell each plan under your own brand name and charge your customers whatever you want.

For example you can purchase a reseller package for $100 per year, and then sell 20 individual hosting plans for $15 per year. When picking a solid reseller hosting program look at how many clients you can add per account before you sign-up. Some reseller hosts limit the number of accounts you can create. But,you can always upgrade your reseller hosting package, if you have more clients and need more space or bandwidth.


You will have full control over all of your customers\’ hosting packages via a central reseller control panel. You can add, remove and modify any of your customers domains within your reseller hosting plan directly from this central control panel, called web host manager.


As a reseller you can decide what kinds of services you will sell. You can provide shared hosting, dedicated hosting or co-location web hosting. Start small if you are very new to the concept of host reselling, and then you can expand as you get more and more customers. In that case offering domain registration is an excellent way to make money.

Running your own web hosting reseller company has never been easier. There are tens of thousands of people earning extra money or full time salaries as hosting resellers. To become a reseller, you don\’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge, but some sales and internet marketing knowledge is required. Also, you do not require a lot of upfront investment. All you need is a decent computer for your customer accounts management, and a good Internet connection.

Mambo Hosting

There are various kinds of hosting methods that are available in the market. Many recent hosting methods are also coming up. One of the best hosting methods is the mambo hosting. Many customers prefer mambo hosting because there are many features that are available in the market and they get good results as well. Mambo can be a very good option in case you choose to have a unique website for your company.

Linux hosting is also preferred by this kind of hosting method because it is very easy to code in Linux.

Linux hosting is preferred by most of the web hosting companies that are present in the market. Linus is open source software that is usually used to create platforms for web hosting sites. This open source software can be used to edit the codes and make them better. There are professionals present in all the web hosting companies that have expert knowledge on Linux hosting. They can edit and change the codes before presenting a plan to the customers. Thus, the customers can see uniqueness in the presentation and will definitely like it. The business of these web hosting companies will also grow as a result.

Moreover, there will be a new look and feel in the web hosting site that will be attractive to the customers. As a result, you get a good feedback from your clients. Thee web hosting companies also get good reviews in return and their business grows gradually. The hosting service provided to you by most of the web hosting companies is of good quality. In case you want excellent quality service, you need to choose mambo hosting offered by the best and the reputed web hosting companies. these web hosting companies will never disappoint you in any case.

Affordable hosting is yet another point that most of the web hosting companies need to keep in mind. Customers always want the best hosting service at the lowest possible cost. But sometimes, it is not a feasible point to consider upon. You get the best service at a reasonable cost. The service providers out there understand your sentiments and thus, have designed the packages accordingly so that you get the most benefits out of the packages. You should at first search for the right web hosting company and then only proceed to make payments and tell them in detail about your project.

Mambo hosting with the help of Linux hosting is an option that most of the customers prefer. There are many interesting features that mambo offers. Moreover, Linux is a far better platform than any other kind of platform. Though windows offers you some of the good features, still Linux is preferred as editing can be dine with this platform. Thus, the hosting service that a web hosting company offers should be good, with good features and affordable hosting. Tools and applications those are present in the online stores of various web hosting companies are used completely well so that the customers can use them to see the look of their websites.

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Call of Duty 2 Server

Call of duty 2 Server Hosting

Server hosting – popular in gaming world

Call of duty is a game series which allows you to play games online on your own server. You can play call of duty game online with many players and against many players. In early era people often played games on other servers but now you can play an online game on your server. You can setup and manage your server very quickly. Call of duty 2 server hosting is such game in which you can control game environment according to your convenience. Call of duty has many series and different modes, maps and hence, from it, you can choose anything and can manage settings.

What happen in these games

In these types of games different and various style of modes are there in which players or team of players kill or protect opponents just to gain scores. Thus, by doing this, you get more points which make you a winner. Call of duty servers can easily install on your computers, and it remains online even when your computer switches off means it is a 24*7 game. You can easily switch to another hosting server if you not like the servers features and functions.

Hosted servers are very beneficial as it gives you many options like system upgrading when required, data backup, increases bandwidth, and so on so that you can easily play. The other modes of these games are search and destroy mode in which teams have to play either as defenders or attackers which are trying to defend or destroying the items at different sites in the game map which are scattered everywhere. The next mode is a hardcore mode in which difficulty level increases, and it combines with other various modes which become difficult for surviving. You can control modes and map directly through hosting.

About game server hosting

Server hosting allows you to use your own software for gaming. By doing this, you can handle and manage settings configurations on your own, and also it keeps your data safe and protected. Many gamers have opted this option due to its flexibility. In this you can control on players and can choose specific teams. By using servers, you can play your favorite game and also control it. Suppose in a game you are playing and some other player is defeating you then through hosting you can control other players’ movement and wins the game. Because of this feature, it is popular in the gaming world. Server hosting has changed the gaming market.

Call of duty has many versions like modern warfare 3, black ops 2 and so on and all are very popular. You can run this game on any server which has access permission, and also you can allow other players to your server. In this game you experience stunning graphics which look realistic, in other words, 3D games. Thus, you must consider this game on your server as it has many benefits and also it is not costly.

Web Host Reseller Account

A web host reseller account is a web hosting account that allows you to create hosting packages to sell to your clients. You can also host multiple sites of your own using the disk space allotted to the one hosting account.

Typical features of web host reseller accounts:

  • They come with a reseller-level control panel that allows you to create your own packages. 
  • You can allocate disk space and bandwidth to each site on the account and change the space and bandwidth specifications if the site’s needs change.
  • Most reseller accounts provide the option for private nameservers (also called private label, personalized nameservers, or virtual nameservers). For example, if your reseller account is with SomeName Hosting and your company name is ExampleName Services, your clients will enter and for the nameservers for their domains.
  • With a web host reseller account, you handle account setup, billing, and (usually) support for your clients. Your web host provider maintains the servers and answers your support questions.

While a few starter reseller hosting packages are as small as 500 MB, most reseller providers offer packages starting at 10 GB or larger. A range of packages is usually available, a few going as high as 50 GB of disk space.

Website Hosting Company

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Budget Website Hosting for Small Busines

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