WordPress Hosting

WordPress brought the new term in the Hosting industry – Self Hosting. With the self hosted version WordPress 3.x, rich featured websites and blogs can be easily created. It is very easy to have a WordPress based website. Get a hosting from CPWebHosting, your domain will be auto-configured, from Fantastico in Cpanel, install WordPress, all done in less than 5 minutes. You are only required to manage the website profiles, content to share with your audience. You can include images, videos, formatting and links to your content.

WordPress A Perfect Solution

You can setup your website using Fantastico from CPanel provided by CPWebHosting web-hosts. WordPress do provide many settings and configuration options. You can create posts and pages with images, videos in your content. You can add lot of plugins and themes and add functionality to bring the better look of your site. You are having the full control over website look and behavior.

WordPress – Customized alternative better for bloggers

Why Users are looking for alternative to WordPress?

People are using WordPress to create their own web sites and their own WordPress blogs from last several years and in the past they are very happy with its performance but now the time has changed they are not very much satisfied with it as earlier they were, because now they are disappointed as they are getting the news that it is not adequate and bloggers are always required to update their system which is a time consuming task.

WordPress is extremely susceptible or we can say that it is physically or psychologically week as it is susceptible to cyber attacks. The people who have created websites and blogs with the help of WordPress can become the victim of hackers who can hack their sites any time. There is another limitation of WordPress that is, bloggers and webmasters need to constantly keep updating their sites. They are also required to use a variety of tools to keep the design of their websites up-to-date and in this process they are spending huge money.

There is another issue which is facing by WordPress users that it leads to issues with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site. Here bloggers can face a lot of web traffic if there is any issue with SEO of the site. Thus, without hassle we can say that bloggers look for alternatives to WordPress these days.

What is the alternative available which users prefer to WordPress?

But now these users are happy because there is an alternative available to WordPress which has been developed by The Agora Group. This can be said that this is another system which is used to manage the content like WordPress, has been created by Agora publishing.com which also provide better frond end and back end service and it is very user friendly also.

Agora publishing has a website i.e. AgoraCosmopolitan.com which is designed for non-for-profit outlet and it worked and removed one limitation of WordPress which most of its users have to face while using it i.e. bloggers are always required to update their system which is a time consuming task. The AgoraPublishing.com group offers a reliable alternative to WordPress and this alternative is liked by many of the bloggers.

On the basis of the need of the people and millions of users, AgoraPublishing.com provides an alternative to WordPress-system designed to manage the content and their system has been designed in such a way that it meets the needs of online newspapers and other websites or blogs. And now the same system has been offered by the Agora group to bloggers, online newspaper owners and webmasters who are looking for an alternative to WordPress.

Move from Tumblr to Word Press

What is Tumblr?

Before the Social networking sites, blogs were there but we have made efforts and due to this, concept of blogging becomes micro blogging. Thus, Tumblr is a micro blogging platform as well as a social networking website which allows its users to post multimedia content i.e. e-mail, audio, video, text, images, links, quotes and other content to a short form blog i.e. their tumble log. It was founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc. on May 20, 2013. It allows its users to keep their blogs private and with this they can follow other users’ blogs also. Many of its website’s features are accessible from the tumblr “dashboard”. Its headquarters are located at 35 East 21st Street in the Flatiron District in New York City’s Silicon Alley.

Why to move from Tumblr to WordPress?

There are few reasons behind this:

Content is all yours-Whatever content you publish on WordPress is all yours. WordPress gives you freedom and feeling of ownership because it not owned by any company and it is open and free software.

Easy to use-Wordpress is quite easy to use, if compared with tumblr and it gives you power to control your site.

WordPress and tumblr are complementary – WordPress and tumblr are like friends and are complementary to each other. In fact, Tumblr’s own blog used to be on WordPress. Migration of entire tumblr site to WordPress only takes a few clicks.

On the basis of the above reasons, one can move from tumblr to WordPress.

What are the steps should be followed to move from Tumblr to WordPress?

The process will take few steps to move from tumblr to WordPress:

Step-1-Getting ready to Import- To import tumble log’s content to WordPress, go to Tools ? Import,display in your WordPress dashboard and see the Tumblr importer. If you are not having an account on WordPress then you are required to sign up first. Click the link to get started and then enter the email address which you used to sign up to Tumblr, then enter your Tumblr password and click Connect to Tumblr.

Step-2- Import Tumblr-The importer will allow you to import the blog which you want to import from the list of blogs. Click on the tab-Import this blog. Once you have started, import page will show you the progress of your import and you will be sent an email when the import is finished and all your Tumblr content, including your Videos, are imported into the WordPress blog. But, if your Tumblr site has a custom domain, then it needs to be temporarily disabled while the import is processed. To disable this, first you need to move to your Tumblr Dashboard, click on the Settings button and then uncheck “Use a Custom Domain” checkbox and then you’ll going to set up Domain Mapping on your WordPress blog so that the readers can use the same domain to reach your site as earlier they do.

Step-3-Design the Site as per your way-We can customize or modify the design of the website while the content is being imported by selecting one of the post format as WordPress supports Post Formats which allow you to distinguish between the different types of content you post on your site.

Small businesses hosting packages on WordPress

Small businesses hosting packages

What hosting packages are available on WordPress for small businesses? WordPress has launched WordPress Business, a new hosting package designed for small businesses.

The new WordPress business package includes live support, unlimited premium themes and unlimited storage and all the features included in its Premium Bundle. WordPress introduces its new business package for small businesses or non-profits and its new option may make users, more inclined to upgrade. While there are some small businesses or non-profits which are already using WordPress to host their websites for free.

To win customers in this segment is increasing, due to this new package and SMBs are good for web hosts and cloud providers. Premium themes starting at $50/each and storage upgrade cost around $290/year, WordPress Business starts saving your money whenever you sign up, said by WordPress. WordPress in 299$ per year allows business saves more in developer, designer, and support costs, making it a great choice for your business. It also provides you live support when you have the problem of website crisis.

“If you are planning to start a small business, you understand the need of a good website which ultimately helps you to grow business but if you don’t have money or enough time to build the website then with WordPress Business all the things can be done as it makes available all

the tools which you required to build a rich, engaging website that support and meet your objectives and goals without hiring a web developer and it also take care of backups, disk storage capacity, bandwidth and other things which are available in the package.

Small businesses needed a domain, storage, and a wide selection of themes for building a Web site. WordPress provide not only site hosting and a free domain, but also live support in the form of chat, or email when chat is not available, unlimited storage and so many unlimited premium themes in which you can select yours, SMB without ads and all this will cost only 299$ annually. But if you are planning to buy all the items and upgrades separately, then they will cost around 700$.Without doubt we can say that there are slightly cheaper hosting options are also available, but unlimited storage, support, and themes make WordPress Business a compelling and a very good choice.

Here is a list of things which are available in the hosting packages used for small businesses- Basically there are three plans offered by WordPress which are named as- first Standard, second business i.e. meant for Business users and third starter for the beginners or starters.

Disk storage and bandwidth capacity of different sizes which varies with the plan, free setup, lite speed, ticket or phone support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Instant and daily backups, c panel which is SSL secured, money back guarantee mostly of 60 days in all the three plans, sub/addon domains which also varies with the plan, support for cloud fare, softaculous, cloud linux operating system, My SQL databases also varies with the plan. Duration of the plan is also different for all the users i.e. varies with the plan, means plan can be of 3 months,6 months,1 year or 2 year.

WordPress data leakage risk flagged by security researcher

What happens if there is a flaw in the WordPress?

As we all know that all the web hosting providers possess some limitations also due to which it is possible that users have to compromise their data in the form of text, audio, video, images, quotes, links and other type of content and same thing happens with the WordPress also. Our Researchers are saying that on the basis of their findings they have find that there is a flaw in the WordPress which could put millions of user’s data at the risk of leakage and could affect thousands of websites and blogs.

WordPress data leakage risk flagged by security researcher-a company known as White hat

There is a security firm known as White hat which prepared a report on WordPress after going through it and with the proper analysis and according to that , the blogging platform ,we can say WordPress will not completely protect multimedia files i.e. audio, video, links, quotes and other content which are uploaded to sites in the same manner as it safeguards text, which could potentially leave a listed company to face the risk of insider trading or a design firm to copyright theft. This will allow the hackers or attackers to easily guess which files and attachments are available for postings that have not been approved yet or gone live .

For example, let’s say you are running a private traded company and you are planning to release your earnings report on your blog and for this you may upload a PDF file of the earnings report in a day or multiple days i.e. in weeks or in months in advance to make sure you’re your preparations are on full hand and as per your plans everything is ready and perfect and ready to go as soon as you announce.”

This is possible that an attacker could download the URL of the PDF of the earnings report in advance if he will be able to guess the (uniform resource locator) URL of the PDF of the earnings report and with this earning report attacker can do the trade of it also.

Despite above all of this, he claimed that there are less chances of flaw occurring in WordPress its severity is low, and apart from data leakage, it will not be used to increase attacks such as code injection or cross-site scripting.

It has been seen in the beginning of this year, that hackers were using brute force against thousands of WordPress sites’ administration accounts so that they can compromise or affect sites and spread malicious material , as reported by IT PRO’s.

Best WordPress Hosting Winners 2013

who is the Winner of best WordPress hosting for the year 2013?

Bluehost was declared as the Winner of best WordPress hosting for the year 2013 at wordpress by one of the top web hosting review site named Bestwebhosting2go on 23 July’13. Bluehost was founded in 1996 and is suitable for mainly community groups, small and medium sized companies, personal websites. It is an award hosting company with around 17 years development has become one of the largest web hosting provider which serves 2.5 million users worldwide. It was successfully providing top quality web hosting from last 15 years to millions of domains.Bestwebhosting2go is a global leader in web hosting search and review platform which help users in choosing the best web hosting provider.

This is declared as the best WordPress hosting on the basis of their customer feedback, security, reliability, speed, price and customer support, as said by the editor of Bestwebhosting2go.They also said that if you will compare bluehost with their competitors, then it will be a best choice for your small or medium company or if you were a blogger or developer.

Bestwebhosting2go states that to give their users best from their experiences for WordPress, bluehost accept the following criteria:

  • Bluehost is cheap and affordable.
  • It provides very good and friendly support to their customers. Customers can contact then 24*7 through e-mail, live chat or phone. Customer satisfaction rate is highest of bluehost, if we compared with others. They have so many tutorials available which give quick answers to the questions.
  • It is 100% well suited or goes well together with WordPress.
  • It also provides high performance web servers and world class data centers.
  • They have their own data centers, not like the other web hosting companies which rent their data centre. Apart from this, their data centre contain good web hosting packages which ensures good services to their users, high speed and bandwidth capacity.
  • It allows WordPress users to handle large amount of data i.e. image files, plugins and other content because BlueHost allows a high PHP memory limit at 521MB.
  • BlueHost also allows WordPress to run fast by optimizing MYSQL performance and PHP caching.
  • BlueHost provides Simple Scripts a new script installer for installing and maintaining WordPress site but if we talk about other web hosting providers then they provide fantastico, which is an old script installer.
  • Regarding the pricing and other plans, BlueHost is offering 44% discount to all their new customers. Plan of the BlueHost includes 1 free domain registration, no set up fees, full payment at the time of sign up.
  • BlueHost also provide money back up guarantee if you cancel your account within 30 days and if after that then it will give you pro-rated refund.

Conclusion-BlueHost is basically designed for those who have to host a personal site or blog and it is the best hosting available for WordPress.

Speed Up WordPress in the Cloud

How to Speed Up WordPress in the Cloud?

WordPress has so many advantages but besides this, it has one limitation also, it is generally very slow and due to this visitors who visit the website have to wait for loading of pages, which in turn distract them because nobody wants to wait for so long and sometimes it happens that they will not visit the site again due to its slow speed. Every company wants its website to respond very fast to the users because they want that in just one visit the visitor will be convinced as visitor will not going to wait for so long, so it is necessary that certain steps must be taken to increase the speed of WordPress, which are as follow:

  1. Good host must be chosen : WordPress sites should not be run on shared hosting as it will affect their speed and create traffic, thus to choose the good host is first requirement to increase the speed.
  2. Good framework/theme must be chosen : Frameworks like twenty ten/twenty eleven, thesis theme frameworks, SEO abilities etc. must be used to increase the speed.
  3. Catching plug-in must be used : Various plugins are available but catching plugins like W3 total cache are generally used to improve the speed of loading of pages.
  4. Blogger must use CDN : Content delivery network allows the visitors to download static files very fast by serving the files very close to them.
  5. Optimizer must be used- Optimizers generally reduce the size of image file, in WordPress free plug-in called WP SMUSHLT is available which optimize the images automatically at the time of uploading.
  6. Optimize homepage : Homepage should be optimized and look clean and focused by removing unnecessary inactive plugins, widgets and by reducing the no. of posts on pages which in turn will load the homepage fast.
  7. Optimize database : This means spam, post drafts, tables etc. which reduces overhead and thus increases speed.
  8. Hotlinking and leeching of content should be disabled : Hot linking means bandwidth theft, thus when it occurs load on server is increased to a great extent, which reduces overall speed, thus hot linking and leeching of content should be disabled.
  9. Expire header must be added : Adding expire header to static resources is a way that the clients don’t have to re-fetch any static content like images, java script etc. which can cut load time for the regular users.
  10. Gravator images must be adjusted : Gravator images should be adjusted because it contains unnecessary data which load the page very slowly or you can disable them throughout the site.
  11. Lazyload should be added : Adding lazy load means keep those images only which are seen in the visitor’s browser window will speed up the page load.
  12. PHP must be replaced with static HTML : This step will reduce the time of loading of page, so it should be done to increase the speed.
  13. Cloud fare should be used : With W3 total cache plug-in cloud fare must be used to improve the speed and security of the website.

By following the above steps, WordPress can be speed up to a certain extent.

Trustworthy WordPress Themes & Plugins

As it is seen that many WordPress themes and plugins are available so before moving to the topic, first question arises: how to select the trustworthy WordPress themes and plugins?

To select the trustworthy WordPress themes and plugins, following steps will be undertaken:

1.Believe on the directory of WordPress : WordPress directory contain so many themes and plugins and it is maintain by a team of contributors but this maintenance does not have any worth as they act very quickly on the reports which contain untrustworthy content and the themes and plugins which are abusive are generally removed.

2. Number of downloads and review : WordPress dictionary contain no. of downloads and review, plugin which has few downloads is not trustworthy but the plugin which has more than 1, 00,000 downloads is consider trustworthy. Reviews also tell which themes and plugins are trustworthy by telling you their rating out of 5. If rating comes 1 or 2 out of 5, then they will consider as untrustworthy but if rating comes 3, 4, or 5 out of 5, then it is vice-versa.

3. See the support area : Every theme and plugin have their own support areas but with that they also contain several issues also. Thus, we have to see that which themes and plugins do not contain issues, so that they can be consider as trustworthy.

4. Updated themes and plugins : As WordPress contain a no. of themes and plugins, so the plugin which is not updated in more than 2 years, should be avoid and select the plugin which is updated as it contain new features and process which developers required to be compatible with the current version.

5.Free themes should not be downloaded : Free themes are available on the web in general but it is harmful to your site as it affect its performance and security ,so it is not trustworthy but the themes which cost are genuine. But it is not same with plugin; there are few plugins which are free and trustworthy also.

6. Developers should be tested :Themes and plugins are developed by the developers but it is necessary to test the developers also because sometimes their theme does not comply with WordPress and thus they are not trustworthy.

7. Take a simple test : A simple test should be done to see if there is anything wrong in the code of the theme, it is suggested to use WordPress themes which contain correct code of the themes and thus themes are consider to be trustworthy but the themes which are having some problem in their coding should not be purchased as it can be harmful to your site.

Now after going through the steps of choosing the trustworthy themes and plugins, next question arises:

What are the trustworthy WordPress themes and plugins available?

First we talk about plugins-Improved text widget, Backup plug-in,SEO Plug-in, Notification plug-in, Secure plug-in, Event plug-in, E-Commerce plug-in, Appointment plug-in, Removing spam, WordPress form plugins, Social media plug-in, Speed improvement plug-in, Interesting business blog plug-in, Brand plug, Advertisement plug-in, Admin bar plug-in, Question answer plug-in, Sidebars plug-in, Improved text widget, Backup plug-in, SEO Plug-in etc.

Now themes : Tint, Mono, Wootique, Leather, Laigus, Ecomicro, Briefcase, Zenshop, Urban city, Ultima, Panoramica, Grid, Bunker, Illustrious, Align etc.

Above given names of few trustworthy themes and plugins, besides them some more are available.

WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

Which are the most essential WordPress plugins for your business website?

WordPress has a good developer support, thus it has so many plugins and most of them are free.

The most essential WordPress plugins are as follow:

Sidebars plug-in : For most of the websites, there is a need to assign widgets to particular categories, posts and so on. This plug-in is basically used to create unlimited number of sidebars and then assign them to particular categories, posts, pages etc.for any widget area. It is free of cost.

Improved text widget : It is a free plug-in which comes with WordPress and it provide you enriched text widget for use.

Backup plug-in : This plug-in is basically used to provide proper, reliable and secure backup for the WordPress and other websites to secure their data and other content but it is not free.

SEO Plug-in : It is the best plug-in for WordPress and it allows you to have full control on the title of pages and meta descriptions per page/post basis and for category or tag pages.

Removing spam : This is the best plug-in used to remove spam and it can also be available for our personal use without any charges.

WordPress form plugins : Forms are used by the sites to collect information from their users to provide services and earn revenue, thus this plug-in is useful for this as it contains 100’s of add on plugins which support various features and integrate into CRM.It is not free.

Social media plug-in : It supports social networking websites like facebook twitter etc.It will add a floating box on site which allows users to share the page they are on.

Speed improvement plug-in : Websites which contain a lot of data i.e. heavy scripts, photos etc. faces the issue of speed. This plug-in solves this issue and improve the speed of your website. It is also free.

Interesting business blog plug-in : This plug-in is meant to make your business blogs attractive and interesting by giving you simple, fast and free access to images and generally it is used for small business sites.

Notification plug-in : This plug-in allows you to add notification bar on the top of site to display notice or announcements.

Secure plug-in : It is used to secure your site.

Event plug-in : This is used to create, manage and promote events, it provide required information to the visitors and also accept registration fees from them.

E-Commerce plug-in : This is the most powerful plug-in available for e-commerce or online shopping etc.

Appointment plug-in : This is used to book, manage and cancel your appointments on the website.

Brand plug-in : To provide recognition, customer support, increase sales, maximize profit, branding of website is necessary, thus this plug-in works for the same.

Advertisement plug-in : This plug-in will help to place ads on each post on your site.

Admin bar plug-in : This allows you to add text, links and logos on the admin bar of WordPress.

Question answer plug-in : It will allow us to put Question answer section on the website like yahoo answers.

The WordPress plugins mentioned above are few in number, besides them no. of plugins are available and you are required to used them as per your requirement.

Best wordpress hosting service

Before start with the best wordpress hosting service, first of all one should understand.


What is WordPress hosting?

“Wordpress” is a good option if we are looking for a free website provider for our new website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of bloggers all over the world. In fact, it’s the most popular CMS on the web. WordPress can host a network of blogs, if you’re hosting plan offers the required disk space and bandwidth capacity. Each blog can be independently administrated, with one Super Admin account holding the keys to the network at large. This makes it a great choice for anyone running multiple sites on the same hosting account.

Features of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is flexible – It can be adapted, extended and modified to suit almost any purpose. The front end of WordPress is built around a customizable template system, but several areas within those templates can be accessed very easily through the administration menus.

WordPress is an events listings website – Plugging is used to extend the software which will make this an events listing website. It can be said that it is an e-commerce store, a subscription-only membership resource or a discussion forum.

WordPress hosting is very popular – It thrived on the popularity of social media, with various plugging making it incredibly easy to integrate WordPress with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Embedded videos appear automatically, and RSS feeds can be customized to automatically post on social networks when new content appears. Plugging can also be added to optimize WordPress for SEO, and a customizable link structure helps to get your important post titles and keywords right up there in the title bar.

WordPress is lightweight – WordPress is designed to be scalable, so even the most basic hosting plan is usually fine. It can be extended to run several blogs from the same database, but you may need to check that your host will accommodate this. Some may impose bandwidth restrictions, and if you upload lots of media, you might find that disk space becomes tight on cheaper plans.

Here is given few best wordpress hosting services:

HostGator, Fatcow, Webhostinghub, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, WPWebhost, 1&1webhosting, Dreamhost, Hostmonster, Inmotion hosting, Wiredtree, Godaddy, Eleven2 , Just host, IXWebhosting, iPage, Lunarpages, Hostpapa, A2Hosting, Networksolutions.

Which Components or features must be there in the wordpress hosting so the company can be called best wordpress hosting service?

Expert WordPress support – It is the most important feature which says that entire staff of company is wordpress expert means there is not a single person or department in company who is looking after this particular thing, all the staff members are completely engaged in this and you will get answer to your each and every question.

Hacking-Free of cost – Most of the good companies provide hacking free of cost and they ensure first your website will not going to be hacked by the hacker but if is done then they will fix the problem without charging anything from you.

Ever cache technology – Traffic is a big problem in networking and due to traffic jam in the network sometimes loading of page will talk a lot of time and speed also matters, but in the case of wordpress hosting, companies provide you good technology which resolve the above issues.

Good backup and security – Good companies also provide good backup and restore of data in a proper manner and security with no additional charges.

Features asked by you – Companies also took requests from site owners and as per their need implemented some amazing features. For instance, your WP Engine account comes with a staging area, so you can deploy new pages, themes, or site changes without worrying about crashing your site.

Best plug-in – Thousands of plugging are available and to choose the best one, companies will deliver you the best one on their own experiences which suits your need.

Power tools for power users – Companies have developers and have an array of tools and services (all no extra charge) to build custom WordPress sites.

Help to move your website – Top of the companies help you to move your site onto WPEngine, but here they charge the cost of migrations which depends on the site.

Technical Details – If you want to see the technical details of your website, then best wordpress hosting companies will enable this feature also.