Best 10 wordpress hosting providers in USA

WordPress has been one of the most reliable and looked for platforms in the world of web hosting for its uncanny speed and most secured operating system. The unbreachable fort of WordPress is backed with numerous security tactics and also with the option of going back into time where the system even though once breached do not take time to restore your site and look for the bug or the virus in your system. Launched as early as the year 2009, WordPress has been gaining eyeballs and consumers with 100,000+ users WordPress knows the importance of choosing the best web hosting company and delivers the best services in the industry. One of the key requirements when it comes to Web Portals is the need to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and increase the sales figure. There are different types of services in the WordPress Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated and managed web hosting. The basic motive if this particular piece of writing is to enlighten you when you are opting for a WordPress Web Hosting company and here are the top ten WordPress hosting providers who can not only make a difference to your business but also fast pace your profits.


Bluehost was started in the year 1996 and has become the largest brand name in the WordPress hosting and the official “WordPress” recommended hosting provider. The site hosted at Bluehost never gets slow in case of increased traffic. The offer comes with Free Domain and a Free Site Builder with templates and don’t forget the mouthwatering offer for WPBeginner users.


InMotion offers reliable performance for the business nomenclature people and the company has been accolade with the technical support and 99.9% uptime, they offer in the WordPress hosting and the InMotion Company optimizes services for active bloggers, and offers great scalability for your blog’s growth.


WebHosting Hub offers easy control panel along with website builder and the WordPress hosting comes with amazing support. The pricing that they offers it is hard to slap their price and value services which the company offers and have earned best value services awards and also offers cut price offers for the WPBeginner users.


HostGator the company has clients of over 8 million domains and offers one click WordPress installation, 99.9% up time guarantee along with superb 24/7 technical support system has been considered as tidy and easy choice. WordPress is hosted on HostGator dedicated servers also.


Site5 offers special plan for the WordPress beginners and WP community. The excellent service is backed with excellent support system. Site5 is one of those sites which offers location specific web hosting and offers shared hosting, VPS and Cloud Hosting.


With WordPress offering easy to build option to make a blog and a website and the WordPress site hosted on the Godaddy server runs smoothly and the latest post goes fast soon enough attracting attention and spreads traffic spikes across multiple servers and the superior performance and security means your site is lightning-fast and your visitors are safe.


DreamHost and WordPress tie up is as old as 2005. And the company offers special support teams for hosting WordPress accounts and powers more than 750,000 WordPress blogs and websites globally. DreamHost offers an absolutely free charge free Auto Installer and Auto Upgrader for hosted WordPress accounts.


iPage is one of the cheapest and yet more reliable shared hosting packages you have online today. If we are not mistaken, as of this writing, their basic hosting package costs less than $3 per month. The installing is easy plus iPage’s well-informed customer support staff answers your WordPress questions along with the mouthwatering free theme offers.


FatCow offers WP specific hosting plan along with shared web hosting. The loading time for the WordPress page averages less than 2 seconds for US domestic visitors and the 24/7 100% US-based technical support, with holding times that averages less than 2 minutes for phone call or live chat.


A Linux based web hosting goes way back to year 1998 and is designed for individuals to the business owners comes with Guaranteed 99.9% hosting uptime & 30+ days FULL money back guarantee along with easy on pocket feature package.

WordPress – Customized alternative better for bloggers

Why Users are looking for alternative to WordPress?

People are using WordPress to create their own web sites and their own WordPress blogs from last several years and in the past they are very happy with its performance but now the time has changed they are not very much satisfied with it as earlier they were, because now they are disappointed as they are getting the news that it is not adequate and bloggers are always required to update their system which is a time consuming task.

WordPress is extremely susceptible or we can say that it is physically or psychologically week as it is susceptible to cyber attacks. The people who have created websites and blogs with the help of WordPress can become the victim of hackers who can hack their sites any time. There is another limitation of WordPress that is, bloggers and webmasters need to constantly keep updating their sites. They are also required to use a variety of tools to keep the design of their websites up-to-date and in this process they are spending huge money.

There is another issue which is facing by WordPress users that it leads to issues with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site. Here bloggers can face a lot of web traffic if there is any issue with SEO of the site. Thus, without hassle we can say that bloggers look for alternatives to WordPress these days.

What is the alternative available which users prefer to WordPress?

But now these users are happy because there is an alternative available to WordPress which has been developed by The Agora Group. This can be said that this is another system which is used to manage the content like WordPress, has been created by Agora which also provide better frond end and back end service and it is very user friendly also.

Agora publishing has a website i.e. which is designed for non-for-profit outlet and it worked and removed one limitation of WordPress which most of its users have to face while using it i.e. bloggers are always required to update their system which is a time consuming task. The group offers a reliable alternative to WordPress and this alternative is liked by many of the bloggers.

On the basis of the need of the people and millions of users, provides an alternative to WordPress-system designed to manage the content and their system has been designed in such a way that it meets the needs of online newspapers and other websites or blogs. And now the same system has been offered by the Agora group to bloggers, online newspaper owners and webmasters who are looking for an alternative to WordPress.

100% WordPress compatible hosting providers

In today’s world, WordPress is a very famous blogging platform, and its website hosts around 60 million blogs as in 2013. Few companies offer special services like automated WordPress updates and one-click installation, some hosting features to WordPress users due to the popularity of the WordPress platform.

Top Ten WordPress Hosting Providers

There are so many WordPress hosting providers but among all of them, top Ten WordPress Hosting Providers are:

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting services offers a free domain, unlimited e-mail, unlimited transfers and unlimited storage to the users. WordPress can be installed by the bloggers with a 1-click function via Bluehost’s Simple Scripts system. Their customer service is also good which is available twenty-four hours-a-day through various modes like phone, chat or email.

2. InMotion

WordPress and many other applications are automatically installed by the specialized Fantastico Scripts which this company offers. Inmotion provider gives promise to their customers that they will always provide fast and reliable service (99.9% uptime) for high-traffic, with good privacy and security and excellent customer service, active blogs, as well as the usual hosting features which are necessary to maintain a WordPress blog. Inmotion also makes the investment in green energy and provides low-carbon-footprint hosting.

3. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is another hosting service which offers unlimited hosted domains and allows 1-Click installation of WordPress and plugins.This hosting provider hosts more than 600,000 WordPress blogs and it also allows automated updates. The provider gives the guarantee of 100% uptime and it also allows its new users to have a two-week free trial. This company also specializes in shared hosting i.e. it can be consider as a cost-effective alternative for bloggers and small businesses and in optimized, WordPress-tailored service.

4. Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub provides their bloggers an easy-to-use control panel and free WordPress installation for the administration and moderation of their sites. Besides this it also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 90-day money-back guarantee for new customers and an advanced SuPHP security features. Web Hosting Hub accounts contain thousands of free themes which comes along with them which users can explore when they develop their WordPress blogs.

5. Hostgator

Hostgator has nearly more than 8 million domains and thus it is considered as one of the biggest players in the web hosting industry. Hostgator provide dedicated server option, 1-Click installation of the newest version of WordPress with 100% WordPress compatibility. Their customer service is also good which is available twenty-four hours-a-day through various modes like phone, chat or email and for the site-administration; an easy control panel is available.

6. Site5

Site5 is ranked among the top 10 hosting providers and are WordPress experts. It offers hosting services with 100% compatibility and with this it also offers the latest versions of the blogging software. Bloggers have the great advantage because they have the great support of PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Python and others. It also provide some different features like an easy-to-use control panel which can be install ,24/7 technical support which can be expected by the new bloggers, and at last 45-day, money-back guarantee.

7. Greengeeks

By regular purchase of wind-power, Greengeeks provides an excellent suite of hosting features and an eco-friendly hosting. For easy, automated administration of sites and blogs this provider offers an unlimited hosting package that includes a free domain and the cPanel control panel.

8. FatCow

FatCow also provide eco-friendly options for bloggers who are concerned about the carbon footprint of power-hungry hosting servers. WordPress blogging software can be installed in few seconds as it is completely integrated into FatCow’s hosting. It also easily allow whole-site WordPress blog, provides a big selection of templates for website development and few compatible hosting features like the latest versions of MySQL and PHP.

9. WPWebHost

WPWebHosts mainly focused on hosting WordPress-powered blogs. It is founded by a group of WordPress users and this provider provides excellent hosting as well as top-notch WordPress-specific services. It also help their customers to customize their blogs and deal with technical problems by providing them the automatic, tailored 1-Click system which is able to handle installation, plugins, themes and other blog-platform issues, and knowledgeable WordPress experts .

10. Wiredtree

WiredTree is considering as one of the best web hosting provider because it promises its customers that they will deliver them ultra-fast and stable services for high-traffic websites and as per their demands. On the changes of the needs of the customer this provider hosting plans also get change from basic to more advance. It provides the features like Fantastico scripts and cPanel by which common WordPress installation and administration tasks can be automated. WiredTree offers both speed and security for the advanced blogger and they are also expert in Virtual Private and managed dedicated servers.