Brief of Group Discussion on Live Chat Chatwoo regarding CyberAttacks with Recent case of 123-Reg


Recently DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attack disrupted number of 123-Reg customers websites and took them offline. 123-Reg in its statement said it fell victim of huge scale DDoS attack of over +30Gps, and they got failed to handle volumetric attacks as the attack exceeded network capacity. Technical support of the company must be appreciated for restoring all the network connectivity and ensuring all the services back to normal. Not only 123-Reg but also, its customers must be appreciated for understanding the situation.
Such attacks are quite common on the Internet, but are typically lower in bandwidth and less sophisticated. Most of the hosting providers claim that there Servers are DDoS protected and also they have expertise, bandwidth and multiple types of DDoS mitigation hardware to scrub the traffic and only send clean traffic to data center. But sometimes such huge voluminous attacks cannot be prevented from affecting the normal services of hosting provider.

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Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, you might want to consider one that offers bare-metal servers. Not only do they offer greater flexibility, they bring a higher level of performance than dedicated hosting.

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