Everleap Unique Selling Points


Everleap achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from Everleap and 0 domains were transferred away from Everleap.
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The graph also shows that 0 new domains were registered with Everleap and 0 domains were transferred to Everleap from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Everleap has 100% positive user sentiment.



Why all websites (servers) go down sometimes.


Amazon averages sales of $117,882 per minute. I’ll let you think about that number for a second. That’s a good deal of cash, so it might not have mattered much that Amazon recently lost around $4.72 million when Amazon’s site went down for 40 minutes this past Monday. But for companies that aren’t as big as Amazon, 40 minutes offline is a big deal.

Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, you might want to consider one that offers bare-metal servers. Not only do they offer greater flexibility, they bring a higher level of performance than dedicated hosting.

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What is ASP Web Hosting?

ASP simply stands for Active Server Pages, and it is a technology that is best for creating dynamic web pages. You will find that you have many more and varied types of functions that you will be able to incorporate into your site. It is a Windows based technology, and it is hosted on Windows servers in more cases. However, some systems, such as UNIX can also host. The only problem with using something other than a Windows server is that some of the features might not be compatible. You will be able to tell when a company or individual is using this type of server because the extension on the end of their URL wills be.asp.
ASP hosting has the easiest script package on the server amongst all other servers. If you have basic knowledge of HTML then learning ASP will not be a problem as the two tend to be similar. ASP is easy to learn as it is known to be a universal knowledge. When using the ASP, you can opt to gather your HTML data and include it in the application database, while using a Jscript or VBScript that can be found embedded in the HTML document.

It works similar to other types of scripts and servers, but the real draw comes from all of the different things that you will be able to do with the technology. It offers features that are far more powerful, and you will find that you can become far more creative and interactive with your web design as well as with the functionality of the site.
ASP is one that has an established scripting package. That would mean that there have been a lot of applications and scripts that have already been written, and a lot of them are for free. You just simply search for it online and look for the best ASP application that will meet your requirements. Also, to note, ASP is mostly available in a lot of web hosting packages, so there will be no problem about compatibility with the applications you are currently using. Since Microsoft originally developed ASP it is available on all hosting packages of Windows, so that is absolutely an advantage especially if you would rather stick to the basics.