Various Types Of Web Hosting Offered

There are various types of web hosting solutions offered by to choose from depending upon your requirements. After picking on the correct services that suits your needs, you can relax without worrying. Here are some of the most common types of web hosting services available and you may click on the links for detailed information.

  • Shared Web Hosting By Cpwebhosting Shared or also known as virtual hosting by far is the most common form of web hosting.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting By Cpwebhosting If you want control over your hosting environment but don’t need the resources of a dedicated server, VPS hosting might be right choice for you.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting By Cpwebhosting Seeking a dedicated web hosting solution is the best option for Web sites that require all the server resources.
  • Managed Web Hosting By Cpwebhosting Managed web hosting takes the dedicated model of service to higher level by providing support services for the web servers.
  • Server Co-Location By Cpwebhosting When nothing but your own hardware located will do, you can find hosting companies that will host your server at their data center.
  • Reseller Web Hosting By Cpwebhosting If you have a network of websites or want to resell web hosting services to others, a reseller account can be a good start.

Free Web Hosting By Cpwebhosting As the old saying goes, ‘There is no free lunch’, the same goes for web hosting. However, you can get certainly find ‘free’ hosting, if you can live with limited web space, banners, popups, and other restrictions

Comparing Free Hosting With Paid Hosting

Any product or service that requires storage or access on the internet will use the services of a web hosting company. The hosting company has a number of servers, or data centers, where each person is provided with varying amounts of space to store their digital media, including websites; others can then access these files.

There are a great many services available; you even have free hosting where you won’t have to spend a single dime, this is ideal for absolute beginners. There are many limitations to free web hosting services and they are not generally regarded as an option for serious web users as the amount of storage space is limited along with many other functions a web user may require. Hosting packages vary enormously and must be chosen according to the needs of the user and not based on price because certain requirements may not be available in the lower price range.

Almost everyone starts out with what is termed ‘shared hosting’ where the server is used by many. It is usually possible to upgrade to have a dedicated server for your files once you know the service provider is reliable; there is normally an additional charge for this facility. You need to have a registered domain to have a web hosting package otherwise files; websites and other digital information cannot be stored or accessed. Almost any information that is stored on a web server is called a file which can mean audio tracks, images, video footage and the website itself; as digital storage costs drop then the amount of space you are allocated tends to be increased over time.

When you have a paid web hosting package it will allow you to have an email address using your domain name unlike those that are offered free with the likes of Google, Yahoo or MSN for example where their name is at the end of the email address. People who are serious about their internet presence will want to have their own identity and to prove the point; you will never see a company using someone else’s domain in their email address. The amount of data that is viewed on your site each time someone accesses it is called bandwidth; it is an extremely important aspect to consider and the main reason why buying the cheapest hosting package is not always best.

If your company can’t offer you better bandwidth, then it will be very hard for your users to view your webpage. Of course this won’t matter if you only have a basic website but as soon as you start adding large images, audio tracks, video footage and other big files, your bandwidth will be used up very quickly. Although it is possible for a person to use their own PC as a host, there are many security dangers associated with this so using a dedicated web hosting company is preferable.

Trends In Web Hosting Industry

The Web keeps getting bigger, and as it grows, so too does the demand for hosting. When the industry first took hold, businesses were undecided between shared and dedicated server

It is predicted that by 2004 the Web hosting industry will boom to $20 billion, up from last year’s figure of approximately $2.5 billion. Most of this expansion is expected to come from small and medium-sized businesses as they launch their presence on the Web. Not surprisingly, hundreds of companies now offer dedicated Web hosting, and as costs come down, service continues to improve.

Services that cost $400 a month in 1997 now cost less than $100 a month. And with an increasing amount of business from small and medium-sized operations, hosts can afford to drive down their prices;

Dedicated hosting offers several key advantages, with the main one of these being that the user has sole access to the server. This amounts to control over the server’s usage, content, and – importantly – its security. According to service providers, dedicated servers may also offer superior power backup and better access to other connections. Finally, dedicated hosting provides the user with site management, e-mail, and VPNs.

Because of the sheer size of the market, new developments occur almost daily. In the last quarter of 2000, launching the Miva Commerce Server, which allows users to manage their online stores through a standard Internet browser.With the competition heating up, it’s a buyer’s market. Dedicated hosting companies offer distinct advantages to their clients, but haven’t yet managed to edge out shared Web hosting companies on the price front. At least in the short term, it seems like the real winner will be the consumer.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services are type of web hosting where the hosting supplier takes care of fundamental software and settings. Managed hosting is an extension of dedicated hosting where the required hardware is acknowledged by the hosting provider. It is most appropriate when anyone need powerful hosting without taking any pain about the routine maintenance and management tasks.

Costing to Managed Hosting:

Moving data to managed server hosting takes time and resources as moving from one hosting provider to another. Some tasks may take longer like user may need to request a reboot of server. The upfront costs of managed server hosting is much lower than in-house server whereas ongoing costs are constant. There is a limitation of software in managed server hosting so user has to choose the software according to the requirements of the server which is right for the long-term.

Some top managed hosting provider companies are:-

  • GoDaddy
  • LiquidWeb
  • SingleHop
  • Inmotionhosting
  • 100tb

Managed hosting provider:

Managed hosting provider is very important to business. There are no official guidelines for managed hosting provider as each offers different packages at different prices, with different levels of security and support. User need to know what level of support can expect from managed hosting provider. These are as follows:-

  1. What support has to be offered?
  2. Who should take responsibility for backups?
  3. What is hardware replacement policy of this hosting?
  4. Will they provide support for the software?
  5. Who restores the data and gets the server running correctly?
  6. Whose responsibility is there to reinstall all the software?

How does it benefit your customer?

There are some points on which managed server provide benefit to the customer:-

  1. Customer support: It should provide 24/7 technical support with their core focus being hosting.
  2. Better cost profile: There should be moving costs from capital to operational budget for economies of scale.
  3. Control: There should be full control over IT solutions to be maintained.
  4. Reduced risk: Business data centers should be more secure with full redundancy. It provides managed security offerings including load balancer, intrusion detection and prevention, platform monitoring and management.

Who should take Managed Hosting?

Users need to look for industry and business related qualifications to choose managed hosting provider which are as follows:

  1. ISO27001 Information Security Management.
  2. ISO20001 IT Service Management.
  3. ISO9001 Quality Management Certification: It explains quality throughout the business.

User also wants to see some specific software and security qualifications such as:-

MCSE, RHCE, LPIC, Ethical Hacker

What Managed hosting includes ? 

Managed Hosting includes the following:

  1. Server Monitoring: This is the process of scanning the servers in search of any potential failures; these failures can be removed before they convert into major disruption.
  2. Security: This includes virus scanning, firewall configuration and OS updates in addition of data centre security measures.
  3. Full Back-up & storage: A company losing data can cause a loss of money, time and customer trust. All reliable and personal information is stored securely.
  4. Server Configuration & Maintenance: Managed hosting providers offer expert staff to ensure that hosting solution is configured to meet the customer’s requirement.

Some Risks:

There are some risks using managed server hosting:-

  1. Sensitive data:  Although hosts guarantee safety of data on user’s site, but they cannot guarantee about their employee violation of trust and access sensitive material.
  2. Fraud: There have been cases of customer’s bills with hidden charges by hosting providers. User should take time to research of hosting provider before signing a contract.


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Virtual Server Hosting

A virtual server provides the features of a dedicated server on a machine that is shared by other web hosting customers. Customers therefore get hosting services that are similar to that of dedicated web hosting without sacrificing on privacy or performance.

Virtual servers are based on the concept of partitions on mainframes that allow dozens of divisions to run multiple applications on the same server with advanced resource scheduling. In other words, a virtual server behaves exactly like an isolated stand-alone server that guarantees share of server resources, including CPU, memory and bandwidth. Applications are not shared across private servers, which mean that you can run different combinations of applications and even different versions of applications even if they are on the same physical server.

Our virtual servers give you the key benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. A virtual server is a single dedicated server that is divided into a few isolated servers. Each virtual server performs much like a single dedicated server, complete with root access and the ability to install programs to suit your needs perfectly. A virtual server is like having your own dedicated server, but at a more affordable price.

Now you can get all the benefits of a virtual server with the same ease-of-use and low cost traditionally found only with shared web hosting. Combining our virtual server hosting plans with our outstanding customer support, we provide you with one of the best hosting solutions in the industry.

PHP Virtual Private Server Hosting offers only the most stable, reliable and affordable PHP virtual private server hosting solutions. You can always rely on us and be sure you are getting the top-notch service and support you need. Choose our PHP virtual private server hosting services and enjoy all the benefits of our hosting network and advanced technical expertise. Web hosting with PHP virtual private server support provided by will suit all your needs and won’t exceed your budget.

Sign up now for virtual server web hosting solution by and enjoy all the benefits of being our web hosting client. We can offer you reliable and hassle free hosting with fast setup and a comprehensive range of options.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Generally web hosting servers can be categorized as dedicated server and shared web hosting server. There are many web sites that are hosted through shared web hosting server as because of its affordable pricing. A user can easily go for shared web hosting server by paying less amount, but for the dedicated server he needs to pay more price as it is expensive in comparison to shared web server. On a shared web hosting server there can be number of sites say from 1500 to 2000 sites. On the shared web hosting server all the sites shows discrepancy due to availability of disk space, allowed bandwidth per site and overall speed. No doubt that shared web hosting is reliable and has minimum tribulations; but still it’s not a better option then the dedicated web hosting.

In case of a dedicated web hosting a user is allowed to have a server that is exclusively dedicated to his site. In dedicated hosting the user also gets the complete authority to control and administer his server. A user should go for the dedicated hosting only after having the proper knowledge of it. A user will get the proper technical support in dedicated hosting also he will find it easier if he is having the technical expertise to handle the server himself. If it is not possible for a user to manage his server by himself, he should go for a managed dedicated server hosting. Basically this alternative is for those who desires to have dedicated web hosting but do not have the essential knowledge to manage it. A user is allowed to have an entire server managed by an expert hosting company along with this service. The charges of a managed dedicated server are quite high. If a user thinks that he can easily move and manage his website server by himself, he should definitely go for an unmanaged dedicated server web hosting rather than a managed dedicated server.

When a user founds that the traffic to his site has increased substantially and his site is taking too much time to load, he should immediately shift to a dedicated server web hosting. After studying the traffic to his site, a user will decide whether to go for dedicated server or not. The foremost thing to comprehend is that when a user has many users working concurrently on his website, he should definitely swap his shared web hosting with a dedicated server web hosting. As like shared web hosting, a dedicated server web hosting does not use to share its server with other websites, user will feel like having the total authority over his server operation and its bandwidth. Dedicated server web hosting have many benefits, one of the valuable features of them is that it can also be remotely configured and operated. The only barrier is the one that needs to pay a lot more for his dedicated server web hosting as compared to his shared web hosting. A user does not mind to pay more for dedicated hosting as it provides the best services.

Before going for a dedicated server web hosting provider, user should consider that it should provide him good network stability, reliable operation, and the ease of operation of complicated applications. A dedicated server web hosting provider is the best option for the one who is serious about his online existence.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is a dedicated server that is accompanied by a full suite of technical support, maintenance and monitoring services. This differs from dedicated Web hosting, where customers are provided with their own servers but are still responsible for virtually all administrative and maintenance duties.
Managed hosting are meant for those websites that are designed to host busy e-commerce sites and dynamic, database driven Web pages. Perfect for organizations that don’t have the time or capital to invest in server administration.


A managed server will come equipped with all the features of a dedicated server, plus instead of leaving most of the administrative tasks to the customer, a managed provider will typically handle that as well.

Hosting companies offer a supplementary suite of features and services that related to managed hosting, including application and database management, high-availability services and load balancing. These hosting companies will back up their services with performance guarantees and Service Level Agreements.
Conclusion on managed hosting.

If you’re unsure about which service to choose, give serious consideration to choosing a managed server. While taking the managed route is more expensive, it is also much more reassuring for the inexperienced administrator. Remember, you can always downgrade your account to an unmanaged service later, once you’ve acquired some expertise in server administration. Though once you opt for the personal attention you will receive through a managed host, you might think twice of turning into an unmanaged service later on.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Every kind of hosting have it mean whether it is dedicated or shared or any other kind of When you have one single web server is rented to a single customer by the web hosting provider, you have dedicated web hosting. There are two similar solutions quite common too in the web hosting industry: virtual dedicated servers and co-location web hosting.

Apart of this Co-locating web hosting also shares some similarities with dedicated web hosting. The main difference is that while in dedicated web hosting the web server computer belongs to the web-hosting provider and is only rented by the customer, in co-locating web hosting the customer owns the web server computer. The web-hosting provider only houses the web server computer and sells bandwidth to the customer.

Dedicated web hosting is the ideal solution for businesses that work with high traffic. The functionalities of your web site as well as the application required for its operation will fall under your precise control. so you can select a proper dedicated hosting plan.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is a cost-effective solution for organizations or individuals who want the benefits of a dedicated server but who do not have the time, human resources, or funds to fully manage a server or group of servers themselves. Dedicated servers and managed dedicated web hosting services may prove costly for smaller companies and will involve a high input of time and management.Managed Hosting plans may differ depending on what specific company offers under the term “managed hosting”. For this reason it’s very important to carefully examine which services and features are included with the specific managed hosting plan.

Another factor influencing the price is whether or not the server is managed. Keeping a server running in top condition can be a time consuming task requiring certain technical skills.

A managed hosting service offers the support and expertise to maintain your server and to perform routine maintenance without your involvement. This can be a viable alternative to hiring your own staff to maintain your servers.

The drawback of managed hosting is that it can be a lot more expensive than unmanaged hosting. Whether the price is justified depends on the complexity of your website and whether you already have people who can look after the server operations. Unmanaged hosting
We’d like to point out that in order for your server to run smoothly and to really enjoy managed services by your hosting provider it’s very important that the host offers customer-sensitive support. Not every support is really a support. Many times a customer is left to do the majority of the work himself turning a managed solution into a typical Dedicated Server Hosting.


When you need that kind of stability, you’ll want to look into dedicated web hosting. With a dedicated server, your site will be the only one being hosted and all of the server’s resources will be available at all times. This differs from a shared server, another popular option, where the resources are distributed to multiple sites being hosted. While that isn’t a problem for sites that don’t get high volumes of traffic, it does become an issue for those that do if that occurs because it can lead to crashes and downtime for the sites being hosted.

If your site is one that people are visiting in order to purchase products or services, this is something you cannot risk. However, a dedicated server can be expensive and it’s not something that is always in the budget. Ultimately, the investment in a dedicated server may prove to be worthwhile or the costs might not be an issue. But, some companies will find that they don’t have the staff or infrastructure in place to provide the support for their server. If this is the case, you’ll want to read up on a managed dedicated server.

If you are a small business owner and you are not a master of web-related knowledge and activities, the maintenance of a web site may be an intimidating task. In that case managed dedicated server may be the best option for you. A dedicated server is where your web site has its own storage space – its own entire server, actually – and you pay a predefined amount for bandwidth that you use. However, while this offers a great deal of customization, there is a certain level of maintenance involved as well. Between software updates, operating system updates, and security issues such as virus protection and firewall services, maintaining a web site, its content, and security can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a managed dedicated server is a great way to have the benefits of a dedicated server without the demands of maintaining it.

With a managed dedicated server, you get the reliability that you need but the maintenance and support is provided by the web hosting company.

When you use managed servers, the web hosting provider will have a member of their team keeping your site running on a healthy level. This means that all those maintenance issues described above are taken care of for you. This is very advantageous to those business owners that do not understand all the technology behind how a web site functions. You can save the time associated with learning how to perform these activities and focus on running your business. And with someone else, a paid web hosting professional maintaining it for you, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are not sacrificing the performance of your web site or the security of your customer transactions or content.

Managed hosting solution is the one that frees you from worry. The hosting company gives you the confidence that your system will always perform well which allows you to concentrate on running a successful business.

Before taking up dedicated hosting managed server solution from any company you should see the experience, support i.e. whether It is dynamic or it provide 24/7 support etc. its performance and safety issues.