Web Hosting Business Thriving as demand increases

The web Hosting industry has observed an increase in demand. Ananova.com aims to demystify complex technical web hosting concepts. The portal which emphasises research as an evaluation tool to track web hosting industry progress. Ananova.com is a trusted provider of current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports developed using in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and real user commentary. The portal keeps an eye on the hosting providers and evaluates their strategies, packages, innovations, and new developments. The marketing emails, social media sharing and press releases provide the hosting company’s growth strategies. Ananova studies the various processes which hosting companies implement to move their business ahead of competitors. Furthermore, the portal technicals depict the potential problems faced by hosting customers and try to figure out the best solutions through comprehensive research.

Ananova.com is the only source for this type of data-driven, unbiased educational information, and market scenarios, which is supplemented with real user reviews and comments. All information is available for free to all visitors so they are empowered to make confident decisions on their web hosting investments. The hosting consumer can compare the hosting companies in the light of his/her particular needs & application requirements, region, and budget.

The Ananova experts help the hosting consumer to determine the hosting provider quality, support communication channels, server uptime and various discounts available on important days. The end-user i.e hosting consumer expectations are always high and want to host the website always with provider whose market research reports are excellent.

The industry experts recommend choosing hosting providers who have servers in that geographical market such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. The hosting consumer can look to the Ananova selected top hosting providers at: https://ananova.com/best-hosting-providers

The key players listed in the list includes Liquidweb, WordPress.com, A2Hosting, GreenGeeks, Namecheap, Inmotionhosting, Resellerspanel, Hostgator, Interserver, Sitevalley, Webhostingpad, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Fatcow, IPower, Weebly, Shopify, Accuwebhosting, WPEngine, Cloudways, Hostens and many more.

Comparing WordPress.com & Web4Africa Hosting Services

Web4Africa, a leading web hosting and ICANN Accredited domain registration registrar in Africa, celebrates its 20th milestone anniversary in 2022. The company offers exceptional web services to clients worldwide, but still, Ananova.com recommends WordPresss.com to Businesses hosting CMS (Content Management System) based websites. 42% of the web is built on WordPress. More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined.

Web4Africa is popular among businesses and individuals in the African continent. Since its inception in 2002, it has been offering consistently reliable, affordable and quality hosting and domain registration services. The provider has gained the respect and trust of its customers, as it has shown its commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, innovative technology, and superior support. Thus, the hosting company is thriving and gaining success in an ever-changing web hosting industry. The provider offers discounts and promotions to its loyal customers. The hosting services include virtual server hosting, WordPress hosting, and SSL certificates offered from 5 low-latency data centres across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

CEO Oluniyi D. Ajao says that the company offers hosting services with data sovereignty laws and regulations. It has a team of experienced & dedicated professionals.

WordPress.com plans include Personal, Premium, Business and E-Commerce.

Ananova.com provides the current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports developed using in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and real user commentary for both Web4Africa and WordPress.com.

Comparing WordPress.com & SiteGround Hosting Services

Ananova considers SiteGround as the most popular website hosting service after WordPress.com and offers packages at competitive rates. For SMEs and Individual websites the company offers shared and cloud hosting packages. Although Ananova mostly recommends WordPress.com for businesses looking to hosting CMS (Content Management System) based websites. 42% of the web is built on WordPress. More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined.

WordPress.com allows you to host 3rd level domain free hosting while SiteGround offers 30-day money-back guarantee. The cheapest plan on WordPress.com costs approx. $1.94 per month while on Siteground it costs $19.99 per month. However, SiteGround claims to provide discounted rates for different seasons up to 80%.

The shared hosting plans offered by SiteGround – StartUp, GrowBig (recommended), or GoGeek while WordPress.com plans include Personal, Premium, Business and E-Commerce.

Ananova.com provides the current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports developed using in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and real user commentary for both Siteground and WordPress.com.

Verify Web Hosting Provider Reliability

A business cannot just trust any hosting provider for its online presence until its reliability is verified. But how and who will put it to the test? Ananova says it lists reliable hosting providers. But how can we check their statement until all the data is available to us and we can check all the facts? You cannot trust any hosting provider!

If you search on Google, you may find thousands of web hosting providers, everyone claiming to be the most reliable. Most web hosting customers select from the brands listed on the top one or two pages. So, a business trusts its Google listing. This forces businesses to improve their strategies to appear at the top of Google listings. Internet marketing – SEO, paying to advertise on Google – helps the hosting provider. Thus, almost every hosting business jumps into this race to sustain itself in the tremendously increasing competition. The hosting provider competes in terms of price, service, and quality; thus, a consumer has thousands of options to choose from. When looking into web hosting options, Ananova cautions customers not to fall for the alluring packages and advises them to make informed decisions.

A business’s IT staff chooses the hosting provider based on its past experiences. They choose a hosting package based on their budget, needs, and goals. The IT team finds thousands of hosting companies offering the same services. Even when most offer comparable bandwidth, space, and other resources, the consumer favours the most well-known brand.

Individuals and small and medium-sized businesses prefer personal WordPress hosting because it is the most cost-effective. Some bloggers choose free hosting. But those who want a professional or enterprise-looking website should consider a business WordPress hosting package. Almost 200 GB of space is available to host videos and thousands of images within the posts and images.

A free SSL is offered by almost every web hosting provider, but most businesses choose a premium instant SSL, thus keeping information secure. SSL is a must for e-commerce websites, stores, or shopping carts; otherwise, customers don’t trust payment gateways. E-commerce-based websites also look for 100% SLA and 24×7 support.

Ananova.com aims to demystify complex technical web hosting concepts.

Reputable web hosting

Ananova provides a list of reputable web hosting companies that cater to the online business needs of small businesses and individual websites. The portal lists the providers based on customer satisfaction score, retention, and lifetime value. Most SMEs seek dedicated, low-cost hosting providers that provide cheap web hosting packages with 24×7 online technical support. These businesses want premium services at a low cost. Once, the business starts thriving, they upgrade the hosting services that come with more space and bandwidth, as needed.

Having a necessary online business presence has populated reseller web hosting companies, which sell limited resources only needed for basic websites. To attract hosting customers, a few started offering free hosting services for a limited period. Monthly hosting packages are becoming increasingly popular among seasonal hosting customers.

WordPress.com offers personal, premium, business, and e-commerce hosting plans. For most small businesses, a personal plan is sufficient. With a dozen free themes, these small businesses get a professional website. On WordPress, the website may contain rich media like video, audio, and images with the content. G-Suite and Office365 offer the best email hosting services. Thus, at a minimum cost, a business enjoys web hosting beneficial features. The E-commerce package comes with a plethora of tools and applications, like accepting payments in 60+ countries, shipping with top shipping carriers, premium design options for online stores and many more. A hosting customer needs to be aware of programming languages like HTML, PHP or ASP for building a website on the WordPress platform. No technical qualification is required. Thus, has attracted almost every SME and individual to have a website on Ananova.com/wp. The hosting services are simple to use, with excellent security, backups, and plenty of space and bandwidth.

Ananova assures every customer of the best web hosting experience.

Future of Web Hosting Services in Web3

The most demanding and crucial to most businesses is to equip with the best tools and strategies. Everything in today’s world is driven by technological revolutions. Thus, to sustain, survive and remain competitive, most look for the best platforms to host their online business. Online is increasing and gaining popularity, as compared to offline, as Internet connections are marching towards 5G and people are becoming more tech-savvy. The customer is aware, smart and takes wiser purchasing decisions. Easy information availability and accessibility have enabled customers to gain product information, make comparisons and figure out the value in terms of price, product and support. Companies are more customer-centric as they understand and consider it as most important for business success and survival.

The businesses have more reach and penetration into the new markets. With the shop in the main market to cater the local customers, the businesses have taken the visitors available on the Internet more seriously. As we are marching towards web3, companies are inclined more towards using AI in Internet marketing. It seems to be beyond imagination what would be next, we have seen the website, mobile apps, and cloud platforms. What will be the new face of businesses, web3 has already raised confusion and questions in the minds of most stakeholders. Elimination of the central authority, where people can verify instead of showing trust towards various agencies.

How the big web hosting giants of web2 like AWS, Godaddy, WordPress, and Bluehost would evolve when businesses would be asking for hosting websites more on blockchain technologies. Although it seems to be not happening in a day or two, most of us have already started the future of the web hosting industry. The words like ‘reliable web hosting’ would lose their shine in the web3 world. Until hosting reviewing websites like Ananova, have been asking companies or businesses to choose a reliable web hosting provider. The website determines the same by the quality and values it delivers to the customers like server quality, 24/7 support, 100% uptime SLA and a backup policy to ensure stability and dependability. How portals like Ananova would ask the hosting business customers to verify the providers instead of just believing and trusting the other customer reviews. The customers at present do not have any technology, which could verify, they only have to trust others. How, they would even be able to trust the tools which could ensure consistency, reliability, and service value?

I’m still not able to imagine, how businesses would be able to host websites, or would there be any websites? How companies would be focussing on different marketing techniques to capture new business?

Internet marketing emerged as an industry during Web 2. Businesses keep a major chunk of their budget for Internet marketing to keep thriving and taking businesses to achieve new goals. Giving value to customers, time and attention via a proper support system, and keeping information or content valuable and up-to-date is today’s mantra to thrive.

When we would march towards web3, for sure, the customer requirements would also change, and to meet them, the web hosting providers would be surely offering the exact platforms. I think PHP, JAVA, and Python would lead the programming languages for website development. As the cloud has almost diminished the term ‘Server uptime’, as most web hosting providers offer 100% SLA, earlier 100% uptime appears to be a myth, but nowadays it is a reality. Furthermore, the data is provided by the nearest data centre, hence, the page load is not much of an issue, and most websites, load faster. A decade ago, slow websites were quite annoying and brings a bad reputation to business, which was the issue of the web hosting provider.

Web3 technology is surely going to change the web hosting industry. Although, at present, we can only imagine, for sure it is tomorrow’s reality. Till the new world emerges, the terms cheap web hosting services, affordable web hosting, reliable web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and space, a customer needs to only trust.

Business’s online presence

Do you think every online business is earning? Surely not! Experts say that there are several crucial factors in today’s era on which success depends. Is building a professional website hosted on a good web hosting provider server enough to thrive in business?
Is selecting the web hosting provider a significant aspect that drives online success? A decade ago, there was a boom in Reseller hosting business. The resellers conceal the details from web-hosting customers like the servers’ actual owners. These resellers sell particular webspace and bandwidth from the server they lease or VPS account. A customer feels happy when his business runs smoothly and technical help is available when required. These resellers were like dealers. The support is also actually provided by the parent hosting provider under the name of the Reseller company.

Do you think every online business is earning? Surely not! Experts say that there are several crucial factors in today's era on which success depends. Is building a professional website hosted on a good web hosting provider server enough to thrive in business?

From what I experienced in the early days, this model gained a lot of success. But, as prices got thrashed, running a reseller web hosting company with 100% satisfaction became a daunting task, and thus most resellers closed their business. The ease of hosting companies with the availability of control panels for every job also made the web hosting business competitive. Most companies could set up their hosting services without much complexity.

The platforms like WordPress make it easy to build a website to bring business online. The articles about choosing the best web hosting provider start fading or losing the web crawler’s ranking. The web hosting review and rating websites started losing relevance. The hosting customers rely on something other than the web hosting market stories.
A hosting customer is now intelligent enough to understand its hosting needs or requirement. With the abundant availability of web space, bandwidth and other resources, the business website customer is looking for other factors like website security, backup and support. These news factors determine business online success; thus, a hosting customer is inclined only to those hosting companies that focus on these factors. A must-have online business website needs a sincere, dedicated and technologically advanced hosting provider.

There was a time when customers got attracted by the keywords like unlimited and one-stop-shop. Now, a hosting customer looks to host its website only to branded providers with a customer-centric approach. Hosting providers provide sufficient space, bandwidth, resources, and help on forums, articles, and video clips. Still, a customer goes to a provider with the long-lasting experience to host on a platform.

Many hosting providers offer WordPress different hosting packages. Some offer cheap, and some claim to provide excellent services. Now, customers also look to their budget and some like using cheap web hosting providers. Ananova lists many cheap affordable web hosting providers offering free instant set-up, free domain for life, unlimited Space and Traffic and an adequate money-back guarantee, among many others. The Ananova ranks them depending on the user reviews on factors such as reliability, security, speed of access and factors crucial for running an online business.

Ananova ranks the providers with the latest technology and upgraded and updated software. Many tools are available to monitor website uptime, speed, background technology, and software versions.

Trust Ananova is a listed WordPress hosting provider offering the best hosting features, 24×7 support and technology for your e-commerce website.